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Gumpert Apollo

Updated on June 11, 2013

One of the most unattractive cars you will ever see, but one of the most important cars to have ever been made. Gumpert took their time in actually developing this car and developing a road car. This shows in the way that the car has come to be , the car is one of the best cars i have seen performance wise. Its definitely an interesting read of one of the fastest cars ever produced and one of the greatest handling cars produced on a road car production line.

The Apollo was made in Germany by a company called Gumpert in the calm city of Altenburg and first things first. This is by far not the prettiest car that has been seen to come out of Germany or the prettiest supercar made. At any angle the car looks like it is made by a workmen in a shed who has not heard of the name Alfa Romeo. The Gumpert team whoever chose to go down a whole different road in terms of the car. They have gone down the hardcore streets of backstreets of Germany and have come out with a bruiser.
Boasting a near as make no difference price tag of 260 thousand pounds you would expect more than the mesh gear box and the suede interior. But what Gumpert taketh away with one hand the give back with the other. This is street legal road going 800 bhp bruiser , brain child of Roland Gumpert and design by the Munich University and ex race driver legend Marco Venetta.


After previously working with the Germans (Audi) in China doing behind the desk jobs Rolland came back and worked on this mechanical beauty. His company founded in 2004 started production of the Apollo in 2007. Before then the care was released in several versions which saw the car as a hybrid as it was taken out to the race track. This means that it has something that any supercar-making company should have, racing pedigree. With this it makes it easy to then know what to bring on to the road.
The Road going versions of this car come in three varieties and these depend on how you can pay and how much of the Apollo thrill you want to experience. When people like J leno buys one he will go for the full on 840bhp version but if you just got your licence there is the 640bhp version to start off. Extras include traction control and abs and that's about it. These can be turned off which is a very risky strategy as you will not get any spares for this car.
There have been rumours that this car generates so much downforce that it can stick in a tunnel doing 190mph plus. Now this is something I would like to see tested because it would be good to see if this is actually true. My opinion is this cannot be done so we will never know however I think the only cars with this technology and enough downforce to do this are the F1 cars.
Down to the actual figures we can see that this car does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, which is almost as quick as the Veyron previously tested. The car has a top speed of over 215 mph and it will do 186 mph in 1.7 miles (tested). The true test of this car is the way it feels , it is a very rustic muscle rumbling tough guy of a car. It has been said to feel like a steam engine on drift with the drag co-efficient of a fish. The truth is although this will scare your kids in the morning parked outside the drive but old Stusernburg , ol spicer here will decimate almost all the supercars.


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