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How to Know If Car Air Conditioning Is Working Properly

Updated on June 5, 2020

To make a smooth car journey, it is necessary that your car is equipped with all kinds of accessories that guarantee maximum comfort and well-being on the road. This is the case with air conditioning! It is an essential accessory in the construction of a modern car and allows the driver to face the gigantic traffic queues with the greatest possible relaxation. Air conditioning is also an ally against high or low temperatures, as it cools the air, making it much more pleasant.

Discover all the advantages of air conditioning and ensure the correct cooling for your car. Only then will you benefit from a comfortable and relaxed trip. Find out if your car's air conditioning is working perfectly.

Car Air Conditioning, What Is It?

Air conditioning is the process of air treatment designed to simultaneously control the temperature, humidity, cleaning and air distribution of a given environment. Many people mistakenly confuse the concept of air conditioning with that of a ventilation system. In ventilation systems there is no control over the variables of temperature, humidity and cleanliness, whereas in air conditioning there is a mechanical process of cooling and / or heating.

Air conditioning is one of the most valuable and efficient extras in a car. In addition to keeping your heart rate steady, it allows you to get the most out of your car and your travels!

How Air Conditioning Works in a Car ?

The air conditioning of a car has a very simple and practical operation. Inside the dashboard of the car, namely in the air box, there is a fan that sucks in the external air and then directs it into the vehicle. This air is under a certain temperature and, as such, it is necessary to cool / heat that heat / cold in order to acclimate the car's interior.

The air that comes out of the ventilation fins on your car's dashboard always goes through this process. It is thanks to the communion of all its elements that the ambient temperature of the car is pleasant, which allows you to save a lot of money when traveling by car.

The Car's Air Conditioning System

In order to know the operation of the air conditioner and to know if it is cooling properly, it is mandatory to know its composition. The constituent elements of air conditioning are:

The Compressor
It is the air conditioning component that presses the refrigerant gas, making it circulate throughout the system, which can lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Causes the development of the temperature of the refrigerant gas (0º to 70º C);

The Condenser
The condenser converts the gaseous refrigerant to liquid (approximately 55ºC). It is very efficient and has a very low weight, providing high performance in the air conditioning system. There is often an anomaly in the condenser when no cold air is detected and, therefore, the vanes need to be replaced. Only then can you save fuel and check if it is a leak;

The drying filter
The drying filter has the ability to retain solid impurities (particles or dust), to absorb moisture and to keep the refrigerant gas reserve in a liquid state. It must be replaced each time the air conditioning system is opened;

Expansion valve
The expansion valve converts the refrigerant into gas and manages the passage of gas from the high to low pressure side, which makes the temperature always close to zero. It is necessary to replace the expansion valve when there are many particles that impede the effectiveness of the expansion valve;

The Evaporator
The evaporator is light, has a circular tank and has a high performance, as it absorbs heat from the air, condenses moisture and drains condensed water. When cold air is not present, this may mean that the vanes on the evaporator are clogged and need to be replaced.

By knowing the components and features of the air conditioner you have a real knowledge of the capabilities of your car and, thus, you will be able to save a lot of money on its maintenance.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning in a Car: What You Should Pay Attention To ?

Air conditioning systems play a decisive role in the safety of driving a car and in the comfort of its passengers. For the proper functioning of a car's air conditioning, an inspection is required every two years or when your car travels 40,000 km. It is essential to check the car in order to check that the gas pressure is accurate and that the interior filter is properly ventilating the interior of your vehicle.

For the air conditioning to be in perfect condition, you must pay attention to some aspects:

The odors: If any bad smell arises from the fan this is due to the presence of particles that clog the condenser. Insects, plastic bags and tree leaves may prevent air from passing through the condenser. It must be cleaned with a solvent for the air conditioner to perform well;

Vehicle temperature: Before turning on the air conditioning, it is necessary to ventilate the interior of your vehicle so that the heat accumulated in it can escape. On the roof of a car, the temperature can reach 70ºC. Turning on the air conditioner when your car has these temperatures can pose a risk to your health.

An interesting and important detail is when the outside temperature of a car reaches less than minus 3º C, the compressor can be damaged. To prevent this from happening, turn it off immediately;

Refrigerant gas: You should switch on a car's air conditioning regularly, as this will prevent the compressor from lacking lubrication. If your car has been idle for a long time, you risk losing your refrigerant gas and then you need to recharge it;

Ventilation outlets: Do not cover or obstruct the ventilation outlets. A common mistake is to place the cell phone holders in front of the ventilation outlets, so the air conditioner has no power to produce the desired effect;

Car cleaning: When cleaning your vehicle, do not aim the water jet at the area under the windshield, as this may damage the interior filter and you will have to replace it. You must also remove all leaves from the trees accumulated in the air intakes of your vehicle so that you can have a healthy breath;

The fogged interior windshield: When you get into your car and find that the interior of the car is fogged up, for no apparent reason, this may mean a leak in the cooling of the car's air conditioning, you should call a specialist immediately.

These are some symptoms that tell you that the air conditioner may not be working as it is supposed to. As such, you should take your car to a specialist to have the malfunction corrected.

Air conditioning is an innovation that no one is indifferent to, as it is an advantage for the car and a huge benefit for all drivers. With the convenience that air conditioning offers, car trips are truly recreational tours.


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