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Honda CRV vs Toyota Rav :Which one is the best?

Updated on August 23, 2014

Comparison of Honda CRv and Toyota Rav4

Car buying can be very complex job, especially if you don't have any favorites in mind. One has to look for many different details and there is no perfect car out there as we all have different choices and preferences.
suvs are new favorites for midsize crossovers. SUVs can be handy while going on family trip or any long trip too. It is easy and comfortable in driving because of its elevated seating and bigger space. It also comes with larger cargo space so more luggage can be be accommodated. SUVs are comparatively less fuel efficient in general but it also provides advantages for those extra cost. Certainly SUVs are good for families.

There are many SUVs we can consider I personally like both Honda and Toyota as both are big names in Auto industry and known for their reliable models. So I tried to mention some of the important point to see as per my view and tried to compare both of them.

Again, this is a comparison of Honda CRv and Toyota Rav4 strictly based on my personal view.

According to me, Honda CRv comes on top with a very little edge over Toyota Rav4. Honda has nice interior and exterior, good horsepower and transmission, better cargo space and overall fun to drive. It comes with front bucket seats and standard back seats.

CRv vs Rav4

In comparing two automobiles, the most important factor is engine and horsepower. Again priorities can change from person to person. So Comparing base engine, Honda is at 2.4L while Toyota at 2.5L. Both has inline 4 cylinders.
They comes in front wheel or all wheel drives. options. Fuel capacity for CRv is 15.3gal. while Rav4 is at 15.3 gal.
CRv has 5 speed automatic transmission while Rav 4 has 6 speed shift able automatic.
Talk about fuel economy, Honda is at 23/31 mpg and Toyota is at 24/21 mpg. So that is quite similar. Both cars use regular unleaded fuel.
CRv has 185hp @ 7000rpm while RAV4 is at 176 hp @6000rpm.One more importanat factor for many people is torque. Honda is at 163 ft lbs @4400 rpm and Toyota at 172 ft lbs @4100 rpm.

Both models comes with navigation, power seats, heated/cooled seats and power glass sunroof on selected upper level models.

Toyota RAV4 has an edge over Honda CRv as RAV4 offers third row seating and so it actually provides more room for people. But except that for second and first row sitting its same for Honda and Toyota.Honda CRV comes up with front bucket seat that is good for driving comfort and long run driving. Back seats comes in standard.

Cargo space:
Both RAV4 and CRv have almost same size in cargo space.Although in earlier models Toyota seems like had bigger space but with new Honda CRv model, its almost similar.

Let’s compare both SUV’s interior.
Both comes with standard Bluetooth, A/C climate control (on selected models only).
They both have some premium features on available models only. Those features are heated/ Cooled seats, Navigation and Power seats.
Personally I like Honda interior better because its intelligent multi-information display (i-MID). It gives navigation, Pandora controls, fuel information and text messages too.
It also shows wallpapers. It is compatible with Bluetooth.

Honda CRv

It has a standard Honda 4 cylinder engine with 5 speed transmission. It is reliable and trustworthy. There are many loyal customers for Honda CRv. It also provides a bigger space for whole family.

Cargo space

Outside noise (It was problem with old models, do not know with new models)
Could have better audio system

Toyota Rav4

Like Honda CRv, Toyota Rav 4 also a trustworthy SUV and have bigger space for family. It also comes with third row seats which Honda RAV4 doe not provides.

Bigger space
Good handling while driving

Can not upgrade engine (No option available)

What is your Choice?

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My Choice

My choice is Honda CRv for some reasons.
Honda CRV able to give comfortable ride in a powerful manner. It is smooth, it has great suspensions that gives extra smoothness.
While driving, CRV is easy to handle, it turns with great efficiency and gives comfort and safety feeling. I like its exterior body as well as interior. Especially the display is gorgeous. CRV has multiple air bag system that can be open with multiple force or can say threshold. This gives an extra edge in safety for CRv.

Although I also like Toyota RAV4 but if I have to choose one I will choose CRv because its little more edge over Rav4. Again, this all comparison is based on my point of view and it can be change from person to person. I provide this insights just because it can be helpful to others who are in same dilemma as I am.

Adding more complexity, Mazda Cx-5, Subaru forester and Chevrolet Equinox are some of the other SUVs to consider for fair comparison. These all are consider as affordable SUVs.


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