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Honda Stream RSZ 2.0L Versus Odyssey 2.4L,

Updated on August 30, 2008

Honda Stream RSZ

Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey

This forty-six year old family man, has to choose between being practical, economical and environmental friendly...

Honda Stream RSZ 2.0L Versus Odyssey 2.4L

What? Why is he writing about cars? Is he so desperate to get his page views? May be he wants a Honda Google Adsense ad. All the above could be right. However, that was one of my biggest issue of the past week. It was a tough decision and here’s why:

My 7-seater mini-van has just turned nine years old. I was looking for a new 7-seater. Most of the time, I’ll be in the car alone. However, there are times that it has to carry six people and our dog. Even though I have been driving for thirty years, cars have never been my passion. I probably know cars as much as Nintendo games, which could qualify me as the targeted reader for “Cars for dummies”. Without going into the details of the exercise, I was faced with the two options, which to me stand for different things.

The Honda Stream RSZ is like a Civic with two standby seats. The interior is kind of basic. The car is light. The engine is powerful and the car responds to acceleration like a switch. It is very economical on petrol consumption. It climbs hills rather well, thanks to an improved electronic 7-gear gear-box. I test-drove it and found a surprising performance in this little car. I was pleased.

The Honda Odyssey 2.4L is a roomy 7-seater with luxurious interior. The car is 220kg heavier than the Stream. The engine was barely sufficient for three to four passengers when it was making hills. The performance was a little disappointing. It asks for 25% higher than the Stream. It burns 25% more petrol too. My children loved it for the space it provided, and my wife, its looks and luxury.

There you can see the issue. This forty-six year old family man, often open to suggestions from the other family members, has to choose between being practical, economical and environmental friendly, and being considerate to what the family wants. Is it possible to make a decision? What should I choose? I have in fact bought the car. Can you guess which car I bought? Do you know why I made the choice? Do you know me? Does my decision reflect what I am really like and stand for. If you can guess my decision correctly and the reasons behind it, does that mean you do know me? But then, do you really?


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    • profile image

      siyu2007 9 years ago

      I also guess you bought Honda Odyssey 2.4L because of your family's preference.

      BTW, you're a very good doctor. :)

    • profile image

      Chan Kwan Hop 9 years ago

      Dear Benson

      I know you would definitely buy the Honda Odyssey 2.4L , because, you love your children, your wife and your patients as well. If I were wrong, I will stop reading your hubpages three times as for punishment, or you excuse me which is earlier.

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 9 years ago from Hong Kong

      Dear Readers,

      do you know me enough to guess my decision and reasons? I'll give away the answer next Sunday