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Will an Oil Change Affect Change?

Updated on June 23, 2011

How much money is really saved? Humor is Priceless

The Oil Change

To save $21.95, my husband decided to buy a set of car ramps, 6 quarts of high-density Penzoil Motor oil , a mechanic's scooter and change the oil in my old, but cherished, 1980 El Camino.

It must be at least eight years since Randy had been in a do-it-yourself mode to change the oil and forego Jiffy Lube. Cool Car Wash will change the oil and give an $11.95 complete car wash too, but it is not the specialty oil my husband wants.

It was August, and the garage was sweltering. After I peered from the kitchen window to see if he had commenced the event and eased the car onto the ramps, I decided to see if he wanted the fan going and hold it for him. Ramps have always given me the heebies, but checking on him gave me an excuse to supervise.

His eyes were dancing and he seemed excited (or hot, I couldn't determine as his face was scarlet from wiping sweat off his eyebrows with his sleeves).

I was silently watching and holding the fan. The rule at our home is that you can watch if you don't engage in conversation while hubby is trying to work.

Hubby grumbled, "Auugh!" "WHAT is my scooter caught on?" (If I had a curse jar, we could have paid for our summer vacation.)

I said, "The tire."

When he went to find his wrench, it was missing from his tool cabinet-- I think he just needed to have it in his hand to give him something to throw. Hubby stepped on the oil filter tool. It is a circular tool that, I kid you not, got stuck to the tip of his tennis shoe.

More, turrette's-like grumbling (and another mini vacation's worth of cursing funds could have plunked into the curse jar).

I begin to crack a wide smile under the pressure. Randy doesn't sweat, he leaks. More wiping, more swearing, the scooter gets stuck again and now the dog has decided to lick his ear.

I am absolutely wiping my tears and tee hee-ing so hard I have to leave or the next turrette's event will dart in my direction. He even lost the screwy knob that holds the oil in the car...

Ahh, to save $21.95.

Honestly, where would I get my material....just where?

An oil change gone wrong is not enough to affect change in our household. Hubby adores getting his hands dirty and completing something others no longer wish to to themselves or teach their children to do it for themselves.


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