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How Should You Choose the Best Bike Pump

Updated on November 2, 2016

A bike pump is one of the most important things a biker should have in the house or to carry just about anywhere he goes. Bikers like to adventure on any types of trails never minding how rough the road is. In times or shall I say, most of the time they will encounter emergencies like flat tires and if they do not have their own bike pump, they will have to wait for hours or even longer to have someone rescue them. Some would rather walk and find the nearest house to get help, or find a highway and wait for somebody to haul their bikes.

Here is a sample of a bike pump with gauge.
Here is a sample of a bike pump with gauge.

Types of Bike Pump

Here is a list of bike pumps and their features:

Floor Pump or Track Pump – This is also known as the stand pump because you will be standing while using it. It is designed with a long hose and pressure gauge. To use it, the operator puts the base on the floor and puts pressure on it in order to pull and push the handles to fill the hose with air. This is the most ideal type of pump that all bikers should have at least at home.

Hand Pump – For emergency purposes, hand pump or mini bike pump is a recommendation. They come in handy and can be put inside your travelling bags without occupying a lot of space. Though, these types are sometimes having issues with air leakage, they could also be helpful if you have no other options. Here is a sample of mini bike pump with gauge:

Foot Pump – This kind of bike pump is recommended only for bikes with larger tires as it does not generate enough air pressure needed by small tires.

Carbon Dioxide Inflators – This is kind of an expensive solution for flat tires but is recommended if you are in a hurry and you accidentally hurt your tires. These are mostly used by racers. These are filled with liquefied gas which is soluble to the rubber and leaks faster than air.

Shock Pump – This is a high pressure type of pump which may be battery operated or electric. It can inflate a tire faster than the other manual pumps listed above. This type is ideal for mountain bikes and even with car tires.

Choose a bike pump that satisfies your needs.
Choose a bike pump that satisfies your needs.

What to Consider in Buying a Bike Pump

Quality – I always go for best quality and likewise recommend others to check the quality of every product before anything else. Check for the materials used in its production and an established or trusted manufacturing company is also a plus.

Pressure – What kind of bike do you have? Do you need a mini bike pump or a shock pump? This depends on your needs. Do not buy a pump that is not fitted to your bicycle or you might end up buying for another set.

Size – Also, you might want to consider the size of bike pump you need. Can you carry it anywhere you go or can it be tied on a portion of your bicycle? How often do you go for biking trips and do you always encounter flat tires in the middle of the trail? Assess your needs and weigh them accordingly.

Gauge – Check for an option which will not give you a hard time reading. This part of the bike pump is important as it will help you monitor and change tire pressure in unstable trails. Lumintrail’s Mini Bike Pump has a gauge which gives accurate pressure readings.


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