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How To Beat Traffic Camera Tickets

Updated on September 20, 2015

Camera Traffic Tickets Are A Scam

Ever see one of those red lights with the flash going off? Worse yet, ever get a picture of your car with a fine in the mail? Red light cameras are popping up everywhere in the world. The various local governments claim these cameras are in place for safety purpose when in truth, they are purely for profit. Numerous studies actually show accidents rise in areas where these cameras are placed.

The Companies That make and service these cameras actually get a percentage of the hefty fines and their contracts usually state a minimum number of fines that must be given. Why would you want more fine? Shouldn't the goal here be less accidents? These cameras are a real scam, they cost you and I, the average person more money in potential fines as well as cause more accidents. What will they think of next to rip us off?

Traffic Camera Ticket Defects

Here are a few Defects that can help you beat a traffic camera ticket. These may not apply to all states so check your local laws or consult a legal professional before using these as a defense.

Some states require a clear photo of your face.

If the face is blurry this is an easy dismissal. The face photo is usually only required if points can be added to your license.

There are actually fake tickets sent by the police.

If there is no court address or it states not to contact the court it is a fake ticket.

The photo is not of you.

You DO NOT have to tell them who is in the photo.

Did someone else turn you in after receiving the original ticket.

Basically this means someone got the ticket, said it wasn't them but, gave your name. This can not be held against you in a court of law without them actually subpeoning the person who turned you in.This is time and money they will not spend on a traffic ticket.

Yellow light is to short.

If the yellow light too short then the ticket is no good. check local traffic laws.

NO Photo Enforcement Warning Signs.

Some states require signs stating that a specific intersection is enforced by cameras. Signs must be visible from all directions of the intersection.

30 Days of Warning tickets on new camera installations.

Some states require a 30 day period after a new camera installation of warning tickets. This also may include cameras added to an intersection hat already had existing cameras.

Tickets mailed late or to the wrong address.

Some states have a specific time frame that the police must mail a valid ticket with court date. If that time frame is not met or if the ticket goes to the wrong address then it can be brought up in court.

to learn more about cmaera tickets and the scam they are go to

ProtectYourself from Traffic Camera Tickets

The best way to beat a traffic camera ticket is to not get one. This can be easier said then done.Cameras can make mistakes and we as humans can make them as well. There are products out there to help you avoid getting caught by these cameras. From traffic camera radar detectors that will tell you in advance if you are coming up on a camera. To a simple spray that coats your license plate to reflect the flash making your car virtually invisible to the camera. The spray is clear and can not be seen by the naked eye but has ahigh gloss finish that reflects the camera flash. The best protection is preparation. Don't wait until its too late and you are trying to fight a camera ticket. For information on some of the products that will help you avoid being caught by the camera go to BUY Photoblocker

How Much Can A Red Light Camera Ticket Cost You?

Red light camera tickets truly are big business. If you have ever been hit with one of these baby's you know first hand. These tickets can cost you up to $350 or more. California seems to be the worst with their fines. With the economy in the state it is in the last thing we need is our local government raking us over the coals for a traffic violation. Sure you may have done the deed and it is wrong to run red lights. I do not condone risking innocent lives and breaking the law but $350.00, come on.

If that's not enough, remember your insurance will be going up as well. And that's no one time payment, it will haunt you for a few years. Basically one violation can cost you a total that can reach the thousands if you include your extra insurance charges.

So the first step is to avoid getting a ticket. There are a number of ways to do this, first and foremost, drive safely. You can also find some great products tat will help as mentioned in the module above. These are meant more to help the safe driver then to help you get away with something your not supposed to be doing. There is actually a way to make your GPS an early warning system. It will tell you about cameras and speed traps so you can adjust your driving accordingly. Safety should really be your number one concern. If you areĀ  good driver you should be able to avoid any problems.

If you do happen to get a ticket the best advice would be to go to court and fight it. If nothing else a simple talk to the district attorny can get the fine lowered and even in a lot of cases the violation changed to something that will not affect your insurance. Remember, they only want your money, they don't really care how they get it. Just be sure to actcalmly and humble. Admit you were wrong, say your very sorry and it will not happen again. I have seen this work countless times and it has personally helped me avoid points on my license.


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