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How To Change A Honda Accord Timing Belt

Updated on March 29, 2013

How To Replace A Honda Accord 93-98 2.0 Engine Timing Belt

Replacement Interval Guide

Honda recommend that the timing belt should be change every 60,000 miles or 5 years for the 07/98 models and 72,000 miles or 8 years for the 07/098 models.

The time taken to remove and reinstall a new timing belt is set at 2:30 hrs by Honda. Honda also recommend two pieces of specialty tools namely the balancer shaft locking pin- Honda No. 07/LAG-PT20100 and the crankshaft pulley holding tool Honda Nos.07JAB-0010200 AND 07MAB –PY30100.

Special Precautions

Before any work is started on the engine, the battery must be disconnected. Neither the crankshaft nor camshaft should be turned when the timing belt is removed. The spark plugs should be removed so the engine can turn easily.

The normal direction of rotation for this engine is anti clockwise unless otherwise stated. Never turn the engine by the camshaft or any other sprocket and all tightening torques should be observed.

Timing Belt Removal

The engine should be supported before this job is started. Remove the lower slash guard, auxiliary drive belts, Pas pump but do not disconnect the hoses. Continue by removing the cylinder head cover, upper timing belt cover and the left hand engine mount.

The dipstick and tube should then be removed. Remove the rubber seal for the adjusting nut, but not slacken the nut. The special tool should now be used to remove the crankshaft pulley then the lower timing belt cover can be removed.

The crankshaft pulley should now be temporarily used to turn the crankshaft to TDC on the number one cylinder. The white timing mark on the flywheel should be aligned with the camshaft timing marks.

The up mark on the camshaft sprocket should be up. A 6mm bolt should be used to lock the tensioner arm and with the tensioner bolt slackened the tensioner should be move away from the belt and the nut lightly tightened.

Remove the balancer shaft belt and then slacken the 6mm bolt and tensioner nut. Move the tensioner away from the belt and lightly tighten the nut. The crankshaft pulley and timing belt should now be removed.


Make sure all timing marks are aligned. The timing belt should be installed in an anti clockwise direction, starting at the crankshaft sprocket. The belt should be taut between sprockets. Slacken the 6mm bolt and the tensioner nut and tighten to 45Nm.

Temperaraily fit the crankshaft pulley and turn the crankshaft anti-clockwise slowly six times to settle the timing belt. Ensure the timing marks align when finish turning the crankshaft. Then tensioner nut should now be slackened and tighten to 45Nm. Turn the crankshaft until number one cylinder is at TDC and recheck to ensure the timing marks are aligned.

The tensioner arm 6mm bolt should now be tightened, then the blanking plug should be removed. Insert the balancer shaft locking pin and turn the rear balancer shaft sprocket until the locking pin locates in the hole of the shaft.

Tighten 6mmm bolt to lock the tensioner arm.Remove the blanking plug. Insert the balancer shaft locking pin and turn the rear balancer shaft sprocket until the locking pin locates in the hole of the shaft.

The timing marks on the front of the balancer shaft should now be aligned.Remove the crankshaft pulley. Install the balancer shaft belt.Slacken the tensioner shaft nut.

Remove the balancer shaft locking pin, reinstall the blanking plug and tighten to 30 Nm.Reinstall the crankshaft pulley and turn the crankshaft on complete revolution anti-clockwise.The tensioner nut should now be tighten to 45 Nm.

Install all other components in the reverse of removal.Tighten the crankshaft pulley bolt to F18A3/20Z1/2/3:220Nm. Except F18A3/F20Z1/2/3:245-225Nm


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      5 years ago

      i would like to know how much torque on honda accord 2006 - v6 - crankshaft pulley - thank you


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