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How To Improve the Value of Your 91-94 Mercury Capri

Updated on January 27, 2011
XR2 with a hardtop
XR2 with a hardtop
same car with soft-top
same car with soft-top
same car with no top
same car with no top

Owners of the 91-93 Capri models can do several things to improve the car visually and saleability. The items that do improve the car are:

1. Change the taillights to the 1994 design.

2. Change the wheels to the 1994 5-spoke mag wheel.

3. Replace front seats with leather seats.

4. Replace the console with the console from 1994.

5. On XR2 models, remove the spoiler and replace with a 1994 spoiler with integrated LED light.

For all models, all years, purchase a matching color hardtop. The run anywhere from $300-500 usually. The hardtop provides you with a true all weather top that is removable during good weather months. By keeping the soft-top stowed in the compartment in the summer, while the hardtop is removed, preserves its life greatly, since it is rarely exposed to the elements, which cause it to deteriorate. This saves you considerable money over years. The hardtop is installed and removed in less than 10 min with two people. It is held down with five bolts and reduces the outside sound nicely. This single addition to the Capri will increase the value of the car by $500, because the tops are rare and not easily found. They weigh 75 lbs. Many sell the Capri and then will sell the hardtop separately.

The hardtop is well made and could lead you to never put up the soft-top again, for during the bad weather months, it is on the car, and during the good weather, it is off. with it, the soft-top becomes almost obsolete or optional.


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