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How To Lift A CRV

Updated on July 4, 2015
Lifted RD1 CRV
Lifted RD1 CRV | Source

Custom RD1 Lift Setup

This is a new route that so far I have only seen a few people do but have had great outcomes. This route will cost about $210 for everything and is easy to get you hands on. You will have to order custom 2" diameter springs and on the front you will need 10" springs and the rear will need 12" springs all 4 being a 550lb spring. You can use coilover sleeves from any company from just a regular ebay company that sells coilover's for $40 and you can just throw the springs to the side. If you want more information please go to the forum post here and ask your questions.

Lifted RD1 CRV
Lifted RD1 CRV | Source
Boosted & Lifted RD1 CRV
Boosted & Lifted RD1 CRV | Source

Spacer Lifts

A lot of people use the Kinetic Spacers sold by CMR and that does the job and you can get the 2" lift this way. The cons of the using spacers though is that they leave with with soft springs. This becomes a problem when you have weight in the back or pulling a trailer and can cause your bumpers and wheels to rub. If you are interested in using the Kinetic Spacers you can buy there here.

OME Lift Kits

This is the out of the box spring setup that a lot of people that don't want to use spacers use. It has firm springs so you will not have a sagging issue in the rear but is about a $300 setup and sometimes takes weeks to get in which I why I am going to "Custom Setup" in which I am currenty writing a guide on CRVtuner for the CRV forum guides. If you want to wait and go this route then that is ok but I would suggest to go the custom route that will give you more room to adjust your suspension.

Why should I lift my CRV?

Alot of people wonder this and lifting your CRV may not even be for you. My personal reason is because I want a little more ground clearance for when I am driving on the beach in the sand. Lifting a CRV isn't for everyone and if you do then you will be able to take it a few more places offroad that you couldn't use to take it due to not having the correct tires and/or suspension.

CRVtuner Forums

If you need more help on learning about what to do with your CRV suspension or anything else just come over and register on our forums on CRVtuner. We are a CRV community that supports itself by helping others learn and find out what their CRV can do for them.

What Lift Method Do You Prefer On Your CRV?

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Examples of some Lifted RD1 CRV

Fred's CRV all cleaned up
Fred's CRV all cleaned up | Source
One awesome CRV
One awesome CRV | Source
CRV Offroad in the mud stock
CRV Offroad in the mud stock | Source
Lifted RD1 CRV
Lifted RD1 CRV | Source
Lifted RD1 CRV
Lifted RD1 CRV | Source
Boosted Lifted CRV with 31" tires
Boosted Lifted CRV with 31" tires | Source

How are you going to lift your CRV?

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#FredJohnsonInc Is Bring New Products For RD1 CRV's

#FredJohnsonInc is now working on all types of new kits and parts for the CRV platform. You should keep a eye out for what they are bringing to the market. They have shipping out some Concept Lift Kits and are about to be starting production. So please keep tuned and help them help us by supporting our community vendors.

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