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Overcome A Fear of Motorway Driving. How New Or Nervous Drivers Can Quickly Build Up & Increase Driving Confidence.

Updated on November 12, 2015

UK Motorway Madness - Its Time To Conquer Your Fear of MAD (that's Motorway Anxiety Disorder!)

UK Motorway Driving
UK Motorway Driving | Source

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Driving titles include the following:-

1. Fear of Motorway Driving.

2. Fear of Driving.

3. Fear of Heights or Bridges.

4. Fear of Travel.

5. Driving Test Nerves.

6. Drink Driving Aversion.

7. Fear of Passenger Driving

Motorway Phobia Some Startling Statistics

Whilst doing some driver research recently I came across something startling called ‘M-Phobia’ or to give it, its full title of Motorway Phobia – a fear of motorway driving. Apparently thousands of drivers in the UK, but especially young drivers and women are far more likely to suffer from motorway phobia, than any other category of driver.

According to recent survey figures produced by AA/Populas research in June 2009, only 44% of those aged 18-24 and 44% of women said they were confident about driving on UK motorways. Other surveys also suggest that many people lack the driving skills needed to deal with motorways with nearly 20% of men and 40% of women avoiding motorways altogether during the first year of driving after passing their tests. For some drivers this fear never goes away for even after a 3 year period, there are some 11% of men and 28% of women who have still not done any motorway driving after passing their initial driving test.

Yet accident statistics produced by the Department of Transport consistently show that the UKs’ motorways are one of our safest types of road to use.

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What Are M-Phobia or Driving Fear Symptoms?

So I asked myself, why is this? Is it because there is no legal requirement for new drivers to take instruction on motorway driving and therefore because they have not had any training on this type of road it is easier to just avoid the dilemma of travelling on a motorway? Perhaps it is the speed or size of vehicles using the motorway and the amount of traffic that puts people off? It’s really hard to say. But what is real to many M-Phobia sufferers is that their fear of motorways (lack of confidence, feeling a bit scared, anxious or stressed) can manifest itself in to some very uncomfortable physical responses - pains in the chest, dry mouth, palpitations, abdominal pains, headaches or excessive sweating. All of a sudden before you know it, just the thought of going on to the motorway causes a panic attack.

Helpful Read - Motorway Driving Made Easy eBook

So, once you have decided you’ve got M-Phobia, what can you do about it?

Well there are a number of solutions, many do not involve drugs, pain killers, tablets or any form of medical treatment, but as a first step for newly qualified or nervous drivers I would recommend an e-book entitled Motorway Driving Made Easy. (Available soon via Amazon). This e-book has been written by an ex-road traffic police officer with first hand experience, to help those who suffer from anxiety, stress, lack of driving confidence and those other symptoms mentioned above that are related to a fear of motorway driving. If this e-book is read and followed chapter by chapter it is the first step to help you overcome any fears or anxieties you may have developed over the years by showing you how to build up your confidence to drive on the motorway. After each Chapter take a break and give yourself time to think about what has been written and how much sense it makes to you. Try to visualise what is happening and from your own knowledge of motorways, as you know them, tell yourself ‘I CAN DO THIS’. When you see how easily you can do what is being said your confidence will increase and when you start practising your skills on the motorway for real and start building up your actual driving experience you’ll wonder why you ever questioned yourself about it in the first place.

What's So Special About This e-Book?

There’s lots of advice in this e-book which focuses upon the critical areas such as how to merge with existing traffic safely; making use of the 2 second distance rule; how to deal with slow moving vehicles especially at roundabouts; recognising and dealing with bad driving habits; an in-depth explanation of the use of motorway lanes and how to prepare and plan for long journeys.

There’s even a chapter on weather conditions and what to avoid. By reading this chapter it will help assist someone to make a decision as to whether to make the trip or not, to think about the possible outcomes and it gives an insight into the responsibility that drivers should have to themselves as well as to others before considering making a journey in hazardous conditions.

The Motorway Driving Made Easy eBook answers most questions posed by ‘newbies’ to the UK motorway network, with selected points further highlighted by actual photographs of motorway infrastructure and a series of Hot Tips that emphasise important points that should never be forgotten.

The e-book is designed to help increase newly qualified or frightened drivers awareness and knowledge of the UK motorway system in order for them to begin to de-sensitise to the problems they are facing and therefore reduce those fears and anxieties.

Take Your Time, Build Up Your Confidence Slowly

It is absolutely essential that motorway phobia suffers take things slowly and build up their confidence gradually in the use of the motorway system. As the e-book suggests take someone with you and have someone with you as many times as you want but make sure they already have motorway experience in order to help you with developing yours. It just takes a bit of time and you’ll soon begin to enjoy going wherever you want using the fastest route possible, not the congested A roads because you are too frightened to get on the motorway.

I think newly qualified drivers or those who have a fear of motorway driving, need to be more organised, plan ahead a little and if needed ‘visualise’ what you want to achieve, that is, complete your journey safely and in a relaxed state. Once you have made your plans then don’t forget to put them into action!

Other Methods of Overcoming Motorway Fears Can Be Helpful Too!

If after reading this e-book you end up thinking about driving on the motorway but feel yourself getting pensive, uptight, anxious or start to experience any of those other symptoms mentioned above, it may be that you need more professional help. For instance, advanced post test driving courses are available in the UK such as the PASS PLUS and Motorway Driving Courses via a qualified driving instructor or you could try and benefit from a fear of motorway driving self hypnosis tape - for full details click here: Overcome Your Fear of Motorway Driving

Also, don't dismiss other kinds of relaxation methods such as listening to a relaxation/confidence tape, yoga or meditation etc and don’t forget to utilise them regularly prior to your first trip or indeed any motorway journey. You’ll be surprised at how helpful they can be.

However there is no substitute for experience and an e-book cannot conquer all your fears but it will allay some of your anxieties and show you how you can progress to driving on the motorway with confidence.

Remember you’ve completed the hardest part, passing your driving test, using the UK motorway system is just a matter of building up your experience and confidence........and you are not alone, everyone has to start somewhere.


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