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How To Save Money On Car Insurance, Get The Cheapest Auto Insurance For Individual or Multi Cars

Updated on December 9, 2015


Saving money on car insurance for the cheapest car insurance.


The first cheap quote for car insurance is usually not the cheapest car insurance that the company is really prepared to offer. Under no circumstances do you accept their first offer. Never give them a payment after an initial phone call. Wait. They will call you again.

The automobile insurance company will call you back, possibly several times. Each time they will tell you that they can possibly lower the insurance quote. Still wait.

Lie or Fib

Tell your auto insurance company that you have received a cheaper quote from another company. They will ask you how much the offer was.

Tell them it is lower than theirs. The insurance company, 8 times out of 10, will lower their insurance quote to something equal to the fictitious quote.

Do not lie about the number of no claims years or anything serious as this will make any claim null and void.

Your money in someone else's hands

Save 30% Instantly

Direct debits will cost you more than you realize. Most insurance financiers charge a whopping 30% premium just for a person to make monthly payments.

If possible, pay the vehicle insurance in one go, even if you use credit cards, it will still be cheaper than monthly charges. Making a short loan from the bank or family member will be cheaper, raid the kids piggy bank, do anything but avoid giving your money away.

Multi car insurance for families with more than one car can get a much cheaper quote by paying up front.

Raise The Voluntary Excess

By raising the voluntary excess, cheaper car insurance is expected. It will only lower the insurance quote by approximately 5%, but every little helps.

But remember, that will be lost against any claim that you make in the event of an accident. If your voluntary excess is $250.00, then you have to pay that amount towards any repairs to the automobile.

Zipcode Lottery

Your postcode or zip-code may cost you a fortune. The man or woman in the next street may have insurance which is more cheaper than yours, simply because your postcode says that you live in a bad area.

If you are lucky enough to own two homes, then get a quote for both addresses, you may be amazed at the difference.


Factory fitted alarms and immobilizers are all fair and expected. Fitting an approved alarm system to the vehicle may save you some money.

Any type of alarm or security to do with the vehicle should be told to the proposed insurance agent. If the quote does not come down, then try someone else. .After all, they want your money.

A driveway alarm is simply fitted, works well, lets you know if anyone is one your property, and may help save you money every year.

Install a Dashcam

Many insurance companies offer a discount to drivers making use of dashcams. These give an audio and video detail of any accident.

Add a Spouse

Adding a spouse onto a policy may produce a small reduction on costs. Some insurance companies give bigger discounts if two people in one family are on one policy.

Always get two quotes from each company, one for yourself, and one for the other half combined.

Any car insurance policies may be the same price as individual insurance. But allows people to drive any vehicle with no charges for changing or adding extra vehicles to the policy.


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