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How To Take Care Of Your Tires And Maximize Their Life Span

Updated on March 25, 2018

According to car specialists, there are a few things you can do to make sure your tires remain in ideal shape, last longer and while keeping you safe at the same time. These include the following:

Check For Wear

Tire treads tend to wear out with time, resulting in lesser grip and traction capabilities. As a result, it is important that you check your tire treads at least each month, particularly when you are checking your tires inflation. Search tread wear sign bars at specific intervals around the tires. If it appears that the bars are filled with surface tread, then it could be time you replace them. In addition, if you happen to see unequal tread wear, have a mechanic check your vehicle as this could be a sign of improper alignment.

Go Easy On The Brakes, Gas Pedal, And Steering Inputs

As Tirebuyer's experts says, the fact is that tires start wear from the first day. This is something that simply happens due to various reasons; weather conditions, exposure to sun, quality of the terrain etc. However, how fast they do this will primarily depend on how aggressively you choose to drive your vehicle. By using some sort of measures when accelerating, steering, or braking, your tires will be able to last for a longer period and serve you much better.

Tire Pressure

Aside from optimum vehicle performance, maintaining the right pressure levels as indicated by your cars’ manufacturer is also essential when it comes to preventing tire wear. You can find your tires PSI numbers on the information placard situated on drivers’ side door jamb.

Remember, running with too low, or too high tire pressures will most like result in cases of uneven tire wear. This is because when the pressure is too high, the middle section of the tires will typically suffer accelerated wear. On the other hand, if the pressure happens to be too low, it is the shoulders of the tire that will carry an uneven amount of the cars weight, thereby experiencing increased wear.

Rotate Your Tires

Front tires wear different than rear ones. That's why, it's recommended to rotate them when you start seeing the first signs of tear. So, instead of throwing them away you can keep using them without any risk, as long as you change positions. Failure to rotate your tires at least after the run 5000 to 8000 miles can reduce their lifespan by a few thousands of miles. In fact, in certain extreme situations, the life of a tire can be cut literally in half if the owner fails to practice proper tire rotation techniques. In addition, rotating your tires also helps to ensure that the warranty you received from the manufacturer remains in good standing.

These are all the possible combination of rotating tires
These are all the possible combination of rotating tires

Remember To Use The Right Tires For Different Driving Scenarios

We all have different shoes for different occasions and environmental scenarios. For instance, we wear open shoes during the summer, snow boots during winter, and golf shoes when playing golf. This principle also applies to tires. This is to say that if you intent is have your tires last longer, it is essential that you utilize the right tires based on the situation. For instance, you need special kinds of tires when driving in the snow or icy roads.

In some countries, changing to winter tires in November and keeping them for 6 months is a must
In some countries, changing to winter tires in November and keeping them for 6 months is a must

Eventually You Will Need To Buy A New Set

Aside from the information provided above, you can also watch related videos to learn more about tires and see which ones will work best for your vehicle and situation. The average cost for buying 4 tires is around $600, so it's something we can not ignore. Some try to delay this expense but tirebuyer discount coupons have given a way out of this issue. A typical tirebuyer coupon gives a 15% discount so for a $600 tire replacement, there is $90 of real money saved. Coupons for can be found online, in magazines related to cars, forums and car blogs.


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