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How much is my car worth as scrap?

Updated on December 6, 2016

Stainless Steel (Scrap) Gas Tanks

A Mountain of Metal
A Mountain of Metal

Recycled: Scrap Metal Know How

The first thing to know about Scrap Cars (vans, trucks and buses) is that there is not a fixed price for scrap vehicles. You may think that your vehicle is worth more. As soon as you drive out of the dealership the value of your vehicle has dropped by $2,000 to $5,000. A scrap car is valued on its weight: the weight of steel in the car. (This includes the aluminum radiator along with residual metals). When you call us about your vehicle for scrap, we ask for the make and model. The weight of the car is based on this information. I have a chart that gives me the weight of each and every car out on the market. The only cars missing are the old classics. I can give the customer a fair price to scrap their vehicle. My wrecking plant lets me know what the price for scrap metal he is willing to pay me. How do they determine the price for scrap steel? Scrap metal prices are set by the Global demand for market steel at home and abroad.

Scrap Car Processing Costs.

People ask me why the price for scrap cars is low. Partly, it is the cost of processing scrap cars today that takes up some of the cost for recycling old scrap cars. Back in 2008 when the world economy was collapsing, you could only get $50 - $75 for your scrap car. Nothing was moving. We have recovered in all industries. Today, you will see offers of $150 to $300 (CAN) for scrap cars -- December 2014. If you see ads offering up to $2,000 -$3000 for your car, they using marketing tactics to get you to call them. I have picked this video to show you what goes on at the recycle plant and where some of the processing cost goes. This is one of the better videos I found in my years of scrapping cars. I hope you enjoy it.

How It Works.

Aluminum Radiators

Used Auto Parts

As the world changes, there are not many scrap car dealers that store used car parts. One reason for that is the inspectors that visit every three months don't like to see any old cars lying around in the yard, building rust and contaminating the soil. With today's trend on green automobiles and green earth, we have to change our tune slightly. You can still get used car parts. There may be one big yard in any one city that will store car parts. Here in Mississauga, you have one yard that has the acreage to store a lot of car parts. There is another really large yard in Milton. Most scrap dealers will go broke keeping a lot of reusable parts in their yard. You are still taking a chance with any used item.

Global Recycled Metal

Scrap Car Art

Not all scrap cars go to the crusher. A lot of metal art is created from scrap cars, refrigerators and the like. There are a lot of widgets from one car to make a myriad of "Scrap Metal Art" in a corporate lobby or at home. I have seen a lot of real talent in this venue. It all started in around 1950 when the first scrap plant was built. So many cars and so much scrap metal. The art world embraced this opportunity. Websites and e-bay allow the artists to share and sell their creations. I am still amazed at the talent. My most interesting art story is the man that literally saved a town from bankruptcy. He built gigantic scrap metal art along the highway entering small town, USA. It attracted visitors and buying customers to the town a saved the townspeople from ruin. The moral of this story is that not all scrap cars can be priced by weight. Some scrap metal (art) is priceless. Your scrap car may be worth a lot more than you think -if you have a blow torch and a good imagination.

They call it ART. Looks Riveting!

One Entire Scrap Car with a "NEW" psychedelic paint job.
One Entire Scrap Car with a "NEW" psychedelic paint job.


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