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How to Avoid Auto Collisions, Focus.

Updated on May 16, 2015

A Missile Weighs 3,369 lbs - Autos Weigh 1800 - 16,000 lbs

Missiles on a submarine weigh 3,369 pounds.  According to the EPA Emissions classifications chart a light  duty truck will weigh between 6001 - 8500 lbs.
Missiles on a submarine weigh 3,369 pounds. According to the EPA Emissions classifications chart a light duty truck will weigh between 6001 - 8500 lbs. | Source

Avoid A Collision Before Entering The Car

The moment a potential driver gets the keys into their hand, is the time for the driver to begin to focus on the task of driving.

Operating an automobile, motorcycle, scooter, boat, helicopter or airplane are activities that require responsibility and focus.

A majority of motorized vehicle operators drive cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The time spent in training, and requirements for obtaining and retaining a license to drive a common vehicle is much less than a pilot, or submarine captain.

This puts the responsibility for continued safe operation of a car, truck or motorcycle on the individual driver.

Your Car or Truck Is A Missile

If a torpedo is launched from a submarine without a warhead, it can cause some damage.

Consider the damage a 2000 pound missile (car) can do to a person walking across the road, a bicycle that is sharing the road, or even a motorcyclist. 2000 is a light weight mini vehicle. A medium weight truck can weigh in over 10,000 pounds.

Avoiding a collision begins with taking on the responsibility of the license to operate a potential killing torpedo. As drivers we do not have the right to buy and drive a vehicle, we have the responsibility to maneuver each road, driveway, highway and parking lot as safely and sanely as humanly possible.

How many of us drivers have arrived at our destination, or dropped off a passenger, and realize that we do not remember the journey. When we go into "autopilot" while driving we are not focused on what is happening in our vehicle, on the road, or around us. This is dangerous, no matter how many times we have done it.

With a mindset of such responsibility, it is safe to say that any driver can avoid a collision for their entire driving history.

Drivers Training and Driver Education

In North America, the requirement for becoming a licensed driver varies from State to State. In accordance with each State requirements, some States require Driver Training and Education to begin in the Public School System.

In most States in North America, a person can obtain a Learner's Permit, to be used with restrictions, including the presence of an adult, licensed driver. In most States now, young people must have a certain grade point average to be eligible for a learner's permit. This coincides with the thought that a vehicle operator must be able to focus, and commit a certain level of responsibility when behind the wheel.

Operating Any Mobile Craft Requires Responsible Handling

Watch out for the other guy or gal. A driver on an expressway, freeway or highway is apt to suddenly veer into a lane when they realize it is their exit. Their lack of focus can cause collisions.
Watch out for the other guy or gal. A driver on an expressway, freeway or highway is apt to suddenly veer into a lane when they realize it is their exit. Their lack of focus can cause collisions. | Source

California Driver's Education and Training

I was lucky to have been born in California, North America. I was in a California public school when I was old enough to obtain a Learner's Permit.

At 15 we started the classroom training which put us into simulators of actual cars. We were able to experience road hazards, worst-case-scenarios, and safe driving before ever entering a car. As a teenager, I was impatient, and thought it was a lot to go through just to be able to drive, but the valuable training I received almost 40 years ago has saved my life numerous times, and caused me to avoid collisions all of this time.

"VW Eyes On The Road Cinema Stunt"


Avoiding Accidents - Picking Up The Keys

Below is a checklist of things any driver can and should use to keep themselves accident free, alive, and to keep them from harming anyone else on the road.

Think of yourself as a pilot when you approach the vehicle (missile) that you are about to take on the road. As a pilot, you would not want to be up in the air when you realize that you are low on fuel, a wing is broken, or you have a flat tire. As an operator of a vehicle on a street, highway, driveway, or parking lot it is important to be focused, and know that your vehicle is ready too.

  • Make sure you are calm and sober. Do not drive if you are panicked or upset, or under the influence of mind altering substance.
  • Do a complete walk around your car, truck or motorcycle, making sure all systems are go.
  • Do the walk around EVERY time you leave and intend to re-enter that vehicle.
  • Know the route you are going to take, do not just print off a map without studying it, and really knowing where you are going. Trying to study a map as you are driving is lost focus on everything going on around you.
  • Have recent weather and road hazard reports.
  • Realize that if you are traveling during rush hour traffic that it will be bottle necked, and there will be delays. There is no need to be in a hurry if you are going into a slow traffic situation. Leave earlier.
  • Before you enter the vehicle, inspect the interior.
  • After you get in the car, or truck, take a good look around. There could be a bee, wasp, spider or monster. If you inspect before you start the vehicle, you will not be surprised into losing focus as you drive.
  • Make sure your seat is set comfortably, and where you have optimum views of the front, and sides of your car or truck.
  • Check your mirrors. All of them. Are you able to see all angles of your vehicle, and do you have visibility all the way around, in front and in back?

continued -

Witnessed A Near Miss - They Are Doing 80 Plus MPH

While a passenger, I was capturing cloud formations, suddenly we were almost in a disaster
While a passenger, I was capturing cloud formations, suddenly we were almost in a disaster | Source

Get Your Mind Right

  • -continued
  • As you put your key into the on position, take a moment before starting the car. The radio or player can be turned up loud, a warning light may come on, and you will be able to verify your fuel levels.
  • Turn over the motor, and again, take a moment to listen to your vehicle. Is anything different, is there a new noise? This may be a time to turn off the vehicle and take a more thorough look, or have roadside assistance BEFORE you hit the road.
  • Put the car in gear, but do not move until you have looked all around you, and as far as you can see up and down the road. Children are fast, and they can get into the road in seconds.
  • Turn off your phone. It is too easy to lose focus when paying attention to your phone, or other media device.
  • Stay focused. If you get a phone call, here a news report, or see something up ahead that causes you to lose focus on driving, find a quick and safe way to pull off of the road, and park where you are not in danger of being hit by unfocused drivers. Wait until you are back in focus before beginning the intention to drive again.
  • Be polite. Driving is not a contest, it is a responsibility. Road Karma will come back to you. When you exhibit kindness to others who share the road, it is sure to come back to you when you need other drivers to be polite, and allow you to go.
  • Always watch out for pedestrians, bikers, and those operating scooters. They have the same right to the roadway as you. Staying focused, and polite will save lives, and keep you from having an automobile collision.

Drivers Ed: Behind the Wheel by

© 2012 Lori J Latimer


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    • LillyGrillzit profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori J Latimer 

      6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Minnetonka Twin, Thank you for the read, and the votes up! Happy New Year!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      Great and useful hub on how to avoid collisions, especially the part about checking for monsters. LOL I hit many buttons and voted up


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