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Your Perfect Guide to Buying the Best SUV

Updated on September 19, 2015
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A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Business Management Major), I worked my way through multisectoral exposures.

As more and more cars are on the roads nowadays, we know that more and more people are willing to buy one. It could be a luxury buy or buying for necessity’s sake. Whatever the reason is, they need to buy something worth its cost.

For most buyers, they always opted for appearance before performance but the opposite works best for real drivers. However, with a wide range of brands and models now available in the market, you would be cracking your head open wide before you can come up with the right decision. Before we can let you do that, here is a real buying guide to help you in your choices.

What Do You Need Your SUV For?

There’s a wider range of cars to choose from but since we are considering appearance, performance, as well as comfort and convenience, we are giving much credit on the space provided for passengers. SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) seems to cater to this characteristics being designed to be family-friendly, yet looks sporty.

Before you can reach to a decision of buying your own car, whether a brand new one or a used one, you had your own reason to make a search. The most reason that we can have is for mobility or transportation for us and our family. Probably, it’s because of this that the Sporty Utility Vehicle (SUV) had gotten its name.

As we consider this, we think of our comfort and convenience while driving it. as well as that of our family. as we drive to our destination. So, we rather have an AUV with a large sitting capacity and larger compartments to carry all our baggage. Unlike cars, SUVs are designed primarily for carrying capacity.

What is an SUV?

An SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is a vehicle with large tires, higher ground clearance, higher seating position that makes it popular to most people. It’s because of its higher seats, that user obtained a more clear visibility. It is also easy to pass between seats as it is of natural height but an SUV has one setback, it’s height and weight uses too much fuel for running.

What AUV Size Do You Prefer?

Since SUVs are supposed to carry us anywhere, we need a transportation vehicle that allocates much space for both passengers and baggage. So for a family of more than five members, they need a much larger SUV than a family of 3-4 members. SUVs are classified into three:

Small-Size SUVs

The smallest of all SUV but with three rows of seats and enough space for cargo. Popular of these small SUVs are the Toyota RAVS, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and BMW X3.

Mid-size SUVs

The Mid-size has a much larger sitting capacity than that of the small-size SUV. There are low budget and luxury mid-size SUV available now in the market.

Full- Size

The Full-Size SUV is largest of all SUVs and carries up to seven seats. Example of these is the Toyota Highlander, Jeep Grand Cherookee and Honda Pilot.

Important Factors in Determining Your Selection


Common trait in an SUV is a good, elevated position. In choosing one to buy, you just take a pick of your choice after having a test on how it feels to be in front of the driving seat. Your point of view and your convenience in such a position will be some of the determining factors in making your choice.

Ease of Access

Ease of Access is another factor that you have to think of. Pick the best among the rest. SUV is known to be popular among parents with small kids as they don’t have to stoop down for their baby’s capsule. Your choice must have a flexible seating and a much larger cargo compartments. Some SUVs had under the floor cubbies and storage under the front passenger’s seat.


Appearance counts much in one’s choice especially when there’s a wide variety of what you want to buy in the market. The SUV outward vision must be properly taken care of. However, this does not limit you to take a quick look on its interior, taking a detailed inventory of what’s inside. Space, materials, accessories, such as the number of bottle holders and even how durable it looks is still part of the design.


Talking about performance of an SUV is actually talking about its engine or power. This is quite hard for me but I did some research on this. Men always talks of full throttle acceleration but the fact remains that very few are actually using a full throttle engine. There are a lot of drivers who are afraid to use it. It has actually become a practice to get bigger engine but not actually using it. Buying a vehicle with a bigger engine but only using half a throttle is like building a very big house but leaving the other wing or part vacant. Besides, a larger engine takes up more fuel. So for a wise buy, choose an engine that is convenient to your driving style.


Make a study on the reviews on the model of your choice. Your SUV must have stability and traction control, reversing camera and at least six airbags. Mitsubishi and Jeep had additional knee airbag), automatic headlights and rain-sensor wipers. Much better if your SUV is also equipped with other safety features and just to make sure check the availability of features like antilock brakes, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and stability control.

Features like rear view cameras, parking sensors and knee airbags are becoming increasingly available on non-luxury SUVs, while premium brands are utilizing high-tech electronics to warn drivers of blind-spot intrusion and impending collisions. Even so, keep in mind that SUVs are often both large and heavy, so they are not as agile or maneuverable as a car.

Luxury for Convenience Features

SUV are family –friendly that you can find features in SUV like rear seat entertainment , built-in air condition or heater systems, ipod interfaces, navigation systems, keyless start system and Bluetooth access.


Although Price is the first thing that you can think of when you plan of buying a car, you will soon find out that this is the least of all your determining factors when you see one of your choice. Buying a car or an SUV in particular is just like choosing a garment that you want to wear. Once you have seen what’s perfect for your choice, price will be the least on your list to consider, if ever you might consider it at all.

Hand-free, Foot-Activated Lift-Gate SUV

Easy Way to Drift an SUV

Quick Tips in Choosing Your SUV

Buying a car is becoming a necessity today and among the vast arrays of car models and brand to choose from, SUV is gaining much popularity in the car market today. If you’re one of those planning to buy your SUB, here are some tips you might like to consider.

In choosing your SUV, simply take note of these factors so you will have your money’s worth:


Large ground clearance, easy access and higher seats are common in SUVs. Choose the one that fits perfect to your taste.


SUVs come in various designs but common to them is their sturdy appearance and large compartments. Your choice may be dependent on how large your family is.


Consider your family safety. Choose an SUV with complete safety features like, air bags, stable control, camera, anti-lock brakes, etc.

Luxury for Convenience Features

Choose a SUV loaded with convenient features to make every trip for you and your family worthwhile and comfortable.


Don’t make great value separates you from your best choice. Always remember that a great choice has real value!

Now, what are you waiting for? Start making a move and treat your family to those great trips ahead.

Best SUV Choice For You

What SUV Do You Like Best in the Market Today?

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Wide Trunk Compartment for SUV


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