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How to Find Car Parts for your Chevrolet Corvair

Updated on October 5, 2009

If you are need of a place to get parts for your Chevrolet Corvair, it is not as hard as it may be for this 40+ year old car, which remains quite popular.

The following are the best places:

  • Clark's Corvair Parts is on the East Coast, they make their own and nothing but Corvair parts. Prices are competitive. They have been doing this for over 20 yrs. Credit card only, no paypal.
  • Underground Corvair is the West Coast equivalent to Clarks, except, not as big and somewhat less reliable. Currently, they are in the process of selling the business. But, still in business. Credit card and Paypal.
  • Larry's Corvair Parts in LA. This is a smaller version of the previous two, but deal with only used or restored parts for Corvairs. It is a one man shop with a lot of inventory which translates to delays in orders and making contact. Reliable. Credit card and Paypal.
  • California Corvair Parts is like Larry's. Both in the LA area. It is a twin, so another good source.
  • Rafee Corvair Parts is even smaller than Larry's or California above. This biz is in Oklahoma. Prices are on the higher end, but still, a Corvair part source.
  • Kanter Auto Parts of New Jersey. These guys deal only with vintage and classic cars and are quite large. A sort "Clark's" but for all classic cars, including Corvair. Prices are sometimes the cheapest. Credit card only.
  • There are many online auto part businesses that also provide some Corvair parts as will be revealed using the search engine. Many of these parts can also be used with other Chevy or GM cars of the 60s, for instance, brake shoes.
  • Ebay always has a lot of assorted Corvair parts and Corvairs for sale. Credit card and Paypal.

If you prefer to pay with Paypal only, I would use Ebay first. Shop around. The prices between all of the above is competitive and varies.


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