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How to Make Throttle Adjustments to a 1991-94 Mercury Capri

Updated on February 15, 2011
Where to use  the Feeler Gauge
Where to use the Feeler Gauge
Adjusting the Throttle Position sensor
Adjusting the Throttle Position sensor
Step 1- location of the Throttle Position sensor
Step 1- location of the Throttle Position sensor
Ohm meter attached
Ohm meter attached

As with any modern car built from 1990+, many of the throttle adjustments are actually easy compared to the old days because so many sensors are in the engine area. You may need to make such repairs when replacing the sensor or if the car is not functioning in a good manner.

For any Mercury Capri made from 1991-94, the throttle adjustment is easy and involves using an Volt-Ohm meter, a feeler-gauge, a screw driver.

1. Disconnect the connector from the throttle position sensor. Refer to the image for location. This is simply a plug that is unplugged.

2. Connect a Volt-Ohm meter to the B and D terminals only. The + lead attaches to the D terminal. The - lead to the B terminal.

3. Insert a feeler gauge between the hard stop screw (do not tamper with this) and throttle stop lever (see image).

Check for continuity between the two terminals. First, insert a 0.5mm feeler gauge, there should be continuity. Then, using a 0.7mm gauge, insert , there should be NO continuity.

4. Loosen the two attaching screws that fasten the Throttle Position sensor.

5. Repeat Step 3.

6. Rotate the Throttle Position sensor clockwise to about 30 degrees, then rotate it back counterclockwise, back and forth, until continuity exists between  terminals B and D using a 0.5mm feeler gauge. Once achieved, replace with a 0.7mm and repeat until there is no continuity.

Once you have the sensor in the correct position, tighten the two screws. 


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