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How to Pass Emissions

Updated on July 10, 2014

Stop Right Here!

But only if there is something seriously wrong with your car. If your check engine light is on and you notice its been feverishly shaking and jerking about- get it fixed. You are doing way more harm than good ignoring the problem.

This article is intended for people who know their car is running properly, and yet can't seem to turn off their check engine light.

That Darn Engine Light!

It can't seem to want to stay turned off. Whenever you try resetting car's computer the light comes back on after a few miles.

As you are probably well aware you can't pass emissions with the check engine light turned on. They may give you an extension to get the "problem" fixed, but soon enough you're back in another six weeks just to get another extension, and who needs to be coming back every six weeks like a well-trained pet? Not you, that's for sure.

Here is a simple trick you can use to cheat the system!

Disconnect Car Battery

The Sting

Our goal here is to trick the computers at the emissions testing facility to think that you have been driving for at least 1 week, in reality you will only be driving for about 10 minutes after resetting your car's computer.

STEP 1: Get as close to the emissions testing facility as you can- not in their parking lot mind you- but a nearby shopping mall or parking lot will do.

STEP 2: With a wrench you are going to disconnect your car battery. This is what resets your car's computer and turns off your check engine light. If you need help with this see the video just above presented by the wise people of Howcast.

STEP 3: Wait. For at least 10-15 minutes. A perfect time to enjoy the day, breathe some fresh air, snag an Orange Julius if you're close to a mall, or just sit in your car and pretend to text someone.

STEP 4: Time to reconnect that battery! Despite your check engine light now being turned off getting your emissions test now would result in an extension- not good for us, we already came this far, it's time to pass this.

STEP 5: We need to put enough information into the car's computer to make it think that you have been driving it for a week. So start you car up. Drive a short distance (to the next parking space) turn it off. Take a breath, and repeat SIX more times. Be sure to drive just a little bit each time before stopping and starting up your car.

STEP 6: Pass your emissions. Drive up to the emissions inspection facility. Allow them to hook up your car's battery into their system, talk to the VIEP employee with confidence, be sure to be friendly.

STEP 7: As you get your notification of a successfully passed emission test roll down your window, let the wind blow across your face, you just made out like a bandit.


© 2014 Mike Fowler


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