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How to Prevent Battery Drain in a 1991-94 Mercury Capri- Luggage Trunk Light

Updated on May 30, 2011

The luggage compartment courtesy lamp may not shut off when the luggage decklid is closed. This occurs because the lamp switch wire is grounded, trapped or damaged, between the left hand side tail lamp retaining nut and the body panel. This condition also causes the battery to eventually discharge. With the soft top in the UP position, fold down the rear sear and peer into the truck area with trunk lid shut. If the luggage light is ON, continue with the repair. 


1. Raise the deck lid.

2. Remove the upper back trim panel.

3. Using a shop light, inspect the courtesy lamp switch wiring to see where it is trapped.

4. Loosen the tail lamp retaining nut and free the operate the courtesy lamps. If necessary,

5. Re-tighten the retaining nut.

6. Remove the deck lid latch retaining screws and remove the latch from the body panel. Close the deck lid.

7. Disconnect the courtesy lamp switch wire from the latch.

8. Reposition the courtesy lamp switch lamp wire.

9. Inspect the damaged section of the wire. 

• If only the wiring insulation is damaged, apply electrical insulation tape to make the repair.

Proceed to Step #11.

• a. Open the deck lid.

If any strands of the wire are broken, proceed to Step #10.

10. Repair the damaged wire as follows:

a. Remove the damaged portion of the wire. 

b. Splice the wire using solder and a “duraseal” butt splice connector.

c. Apply electrical tape.

d. Pull the protective sleeving over the repaired position.

e. Apply electrical tape over the joint.

11. Using the string attached in Step 8a, pull the switch wire into the upper back panel. 

12. Disconnect the string from the switch wire.

13. Reconnect the switch wire to the latch. 

14. Re-install the latch to the upper back panel.

15. Close the deck lid and make sure the luggage light inside is not ON.


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    • Lissa Huang profile image

      Lissa Huang 6 years ago from Shenzhen, Zhejiang, China

      it's useful for any car owners.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      people who collect them

    • profile image

      Really? 6 years ago

      Where do you get your 10K figure???

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Glad you own a capri. Only 10,000 left on the road.

    • albertacowpoke profile image

      albertacowpoke 6 years ago from Redwater, Alberta

      Good advice. Rated up