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How to Remove a sticker from your car

Updated on July 31, 2011

Are you trying to remove a sticker attached to your car without leaving any mark, but you don‘t know how? Then read this guide and you will be able to remove any adhesive from your car without leaving any traces of its previous existence.

First and foremost, you need to buy a product to remove the glue that you can easily find in a hardware store. Return to your car and with an all purpose cleaner begin to moisten the adhesive. Take a clean cloth and pass it on the sticker using circular movements.

Now take the product to remove the glue and pass it on the entire sticker surface, then, leave it alone for about half hour. During this time, the product will melt the glue that is under the adhesive. When the time is up, take a small plastic scraper or putty knife and remove the adhesive, making sure not to scratch the body of the car.

If at the end of the process you will notice some leftover glue attached on the car, apply again the adhesive remover and repeat the last step. Then, remove the remaining glue residue with the all purpose cleaner.

If you can’t remove the glue residue on the car body, you can use an abrasive paste or polish.

Another easy method can be:

First, try to remove the sticker using only an adhesive remover such 3M. Apply it on the adhesive, particularly at the extremes and try to pull it off slowly. If this method does not work follow the next.

Take a sponge and immerge it in hot water, then pass it several times trying to soften the sticker glue. If the adhesive does not want to detach, get a hair dryer heat the sticker starting from the corners and try to soften the glue.

Continue to warm up the affected area with the hair dryer until a corner of the adhesive starts to lift. At this point, keep using the hair dryer and, with the other hand, pull the sticker gently to avoid breakage. In this operation, it can also help you to use a spatula to lift the adhesive more easily. Once the sticker has finally been removed, clean the area with a cloth soaked in alcohol.


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