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How to Use the Mini Bike Pump of Lumintrail

Updated on November 4, 2016

Biking is fun! With all the thrill feelings and adventures you can do with your bike, I am not surprised how others just do a lot of it than just merely staying at home during their free time. Today, I will be talking about one important necessity that a biker should have in his kit – a bike pump specifically a mini bike pump or portable pump.

Lumintrail's mini bike pump is both ideal for Schrader and Presta valves.
Lumintrail's mini bike pump is both ideal for Schrader and Presta valves.

Before anything else, let us take a look of Lumintrail’s mini bike pump features.

  • It is easy to use – the product includes a mounting bracket which can easily be attached to the bike frame making it easier for you to pump. It has also a built-in gauge to monitor the air pressure and prevent over inflation.
  • For both Presta and Schrader – it comes with two nozzles to easily shift from Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Durable – aside from the mini design which comes very handy and easy to pack, it is also manufactured with quality aluminum alloy. It can also power up to 120 PSI with its composite barrel design.
  • Freebies – exciting giveaways are also included in the package. It has a needle and balloon adapter, glue less puncture repair kit and a mini keychain light.

You can buy the product at an affordable budget through the link provided below. You may also want to check out how this mini bike pump is operated first before you opt to get a set.

How to Use the Mini Bike Pump

Step 1: Set the pump according to your bike’s valve type. Use the rotating head to shift from Presta to Schrader. Open the valve (remove cap for Schrader; remove cap and loosen the knot of the Presta valve) then press the end to release air. Insert the needle carefully inside the valve. Make sure that the air will not leak (check the user’s manual to do this).

This is what a Schrader valve looks like.
This is what a Schrader valve looks like.

Step 2: Pump manually until your desired air pressure. You can easily monitor this through the built-in gauge which came with the product.

Step 3: Unlock your pump and carefully remove it from the pump. Put the cap back (for Schrader) and tie the knot (for Presta) until there is no air leakage.

Photo above shows a Presta valve.
Photo above shows a Presta valve.

If you are having troubles while using your bike pump, simply check the manual for possible solutions. If the problem is not in the pump, it might be in your bike’s valve. Let a shop attendant check it for you. You might also want to check if there is air leakage in the tire itself. Lumitrail’s has included a set of puncture repair kit which might help you in case of emergencies.


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