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Buy A New Car

Updated on June 21, 2012

Tips on buying a car

Are you ready to buy your first car ? Have you saved enough  to have your own car and are really excited  and ready to start looking !

Hopefully you have saved enough money so you have enough for not only the car but also

car registration  as well as be able to afford running costs on a weekly basis

Car insurance. This will vary depending on your age. Make sure you check around for pricing.

Change of ownership.

Any problems you might face in the next few months that might come up unexpectedly .

When choosing a car think about these points '

Will I be taking many passengers ? Do I need a 4 seater or will a 2 seater be OK for me ?

Am I getting married soon & most likely need a practical car ?

Do I want a new car or am I happy with a second hand car ?

If I want a second hand car will I buy it privately or from a car dealer ?

Am I going to buy a manual or an automatic ?

Will I be wanting to go off road so need a 4 wheel drive ?

Do I need a station wagon so I can have more room to carry things?

Am I on a tight budget so need an economical car ?

Does having an older car like a mini suit me ?

If this is your first car it would be a good idea to take an adult with you either a parent

or an adult whose opinion you respect.

NRMA offer a service where they will do a check on the car for a small fee, however this could end up saving you a fortune in the long run .


Holden Commodore
Holden Commodore

Do you like older cars

Made to Last
Made to Last

Buying A Car

Love the car !
Love the car !

What type of car suits you ?


Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Tarago
Toyota Tarago

Where to buy a car ?

There are plenty of places to buy a car from , however I always found it was good to place my own ad so car owners would call me up rather than the other way around.

It not only saved me money on phone calls but on time phoning people whose car had already been sold.

If you are in Western Australia then the Quokka has a large car section you can try or

The trading post always has a large range of cars .

Put an advert in your local paper  so you won't have to travel far.

Buying a car at auction is another alternative  if you like a bit of adventure .

Make sure you have a car checked out before hand and you dont end up paying too much in the fun of the auction.

Always meet the seller at their place so you can see what they are like.

If the place looks well kept the chances look good that the car has been looked after as well !

What type of car ?

 Do I  Want or need a 2 door sports car , 4 door sedan or a station wagon ?

If you are thinking of a 4 wheel drive & if so will you use it out bush enough ?

Will the vehicle be a first or second car?

Do you want to drive  a manual or automatic transmission?

What safety features do you want?

Do you require a lot of luggage-carrying capacity for sports gear etc?

Will you be doing any towing of a trailer or caravan ?

Will the car easily fit in your garage or parking area?

How many people do you need to transport or will you mainly be on your own?

What kind of driving do you most often do?

How long is your commute to and from work ?

Is it important that your next vehicle not too heavy on the fuel?


Car Sales Yards

There is also the Car sales yards to have a browse through if that is a preference .

If you can pay cash then make sure you make an offer on the car you like so as to save money on loans etc.

.Another option is to either email or phone the dealerships and ask the salesmen to give a price for the type of vehicle you want to buy. This allows you to compare the price differences without the hovering presence and pressure of the salesperson

Making an appointment to see the salesperson rather than just turning up lets him knowyou are serious and in a deep buying cycle mode. When you meet with the salesperson, you can simply tell them what you are prepared to pay. Having done your homework, your market price knowledge puts you in the driver's seat.

Rather than just trading a car in if it is not your first car keep in mind you will most likely make more money by selling it privately .


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      8 years ago

      Like your article! Great


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