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How to change the oil and filter on your 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster

Updated on May 6, 2017

To change the oil and filter on your 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster is very simple all you will need is approximately 3 liters of Motorcycle oil check with the manufacturer or service manual to see which is the best oil for your motorcycle, A brand new oil filter, an oil wrench,a pan to drain your oil into, a screw driver to undo your oil drain pipe.

First you want to locate the oil drain pipe which is located on the left side of the bike it is clipped to the frame. Unclip the drain pipe and undo the screw to drain the oil don't forget to place your oil pan below to catch all of the oil. Also it is recommended to warm your motorcycle up before doing an oil change. You can see my video at the bottom of the page to see exactly where the oil drain pipe is if you are having trouble locating it.Once it has drained completely screw your pipe clamp back on and re clip it to the frame.

Now it is time to change the oil filter to do this you may need an oil filter wrench you can buy oil filter wrench's that are specific for your motorcycle. I ended up hitting a screw driver into my oil filter and using that as a wrench. You can also find oil filters that have a piece on the front which you can a wrench to undo them however I couldn't find this oil filter at the time.I forgot to mention the oil filter is located at the front of the bike in front of the motor on the left hand side of the motorcycle it looks just like a car oil filter.

So go ahead and undo your oil filter it is also a good idea to put a magazine underneath the oil filter to catch the oil also don't forget to have your oil filter pan ready to catch any oil.

Once you have taken this off get your new oil filter and place a little oil inside the filter and rub a little oil on the seal. Now go ahead and place it where you just removed your old oil filter and tighten it up.

Now it is time to re fill your bike with brand new oil the oil tank is located on the right side of the motorcycle just below the seat. My Harley Sportster takes around 3 liters of oil.

Check out my video below to see step by step how to perform an oil change on your Harley Sportster


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