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How to choose a perfect motorcycle helmet

Updated on November 24, 2015
Full face helmets offer best protection
Full face helmets offer best protection | Source

Motorcycles are getting more popular each day. New models being released offer more flexibility and choice. Some bikes are great for road, cross bikers are great for off road fun. When it comes to protection, nothing can be considered more important than a good helmet. Protecting your head is the most important thing as head traumas are among the most dangerous ones. Whenever you are looking at getting a new helmet, several aspects should be considered:

- What type of motorbike are you riding?

- What conditions are you riding in?

- What temperatures are you riding in?

Different helmets are meant for different conditions. Picking the right one for you may be a tough choice. The best thing to do is try it on in the shop and consult with a salesman for the best option. However, sometimes you can’t do that if the there is no shop in your town. Luckily, many shops offer free return if the purchased goods do not fit you. So you are safe to order it, try it on and send it back if not satisfied.

Let’s look at different helmet categories now.

What helmet are you wearing?

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Full face helmets

Icon is offering a wide range of great full face helmets. Most their helmets are incredibly strong and durable, made of polycarbonate shell. Pin-lock and particularly new system called Pro-lock allow better, fog-free visibility. The cooling is designed to make it comfortable for a rider even on the hottest days. Dark sun visor can be quickly installed thanks to a rapid release system. Manufacturer offers their helmets in four different sizes allowing best fit and comfort for each rider. Interior of the helmet is easy to remove and wash. Moreover, these great new helmets are light weight and extremely good looking.

Full face helmets are recommended for city and highway rides as well as on racing tracks. They offer best possible protection and are therefore used by many Moto GP racers.


Modular helmets

These types of helmets are great for mixed conditions – it can be a full face helmet or you can use it as open face helmet. This is particularly convenient in hot city traffic – makes it easier to breathe and offers wider sight. Scorpion helmets have integrated sun visor which can be extended easily so no need to wear sunglasses. Thanks to its flexibility in style, EXO 900 can be transformed into a scooter helmet if the rider prefers an open-face version.

Some of the awesome features include:

- pump air inflation suits different riders and offers best possible fit.

- Improved vent system allowing better sound proofing

- Highly rated light weight composite shell

- Fog free shield system for rainy weather conditions

Modular helmets are considered best option for touring bikers as they provide more flexibility and comfort while offering same level of protection as full- face helmets.

Dual sport helmets are great for off road riding but not very comfortable on high speeds
Dual sport helmets are great for off road riding but not very comfortable on high speeds | Source

Off road dual sport helmets

If riding off road is your passion you should be looking at dual sport helmets. These helmets have a special design to meet the needs and criteria for off road riding. Many helmets do not come with a visor but are intended to be used with goggles. Aerodynamic shape and materials are supporting the purpose of the helmet, which is to be as light and ergonomic as possible. This type of helmet can be used for city riding but due to its design specifics it will be uncomfortable in high speeds. Nevertheless, dual sport helmets have proven to be popular among young people due to their catchy design and bright colour scheme.

Top 10 Motorcycle helmets 2014

Pista GP
Corsair-V RC Carbon Fiber
Star Carbon Race Day
Airframe Ghost Carbon
N-104 Graphics
N104 Galaxy
N63 Galaxy
94.72 €
P-1 helmet
Verge, Thor
Decorations like motorcycle warhawk are gaining in popularity
Decorations like motorcycle warhawk are gaining in popularity | Source

Helmet accessories

People like to be different. Turning your helmet into a custom masterpiece may be very rewarding when it comes to getting notices in the streets. Not to mention fellow bikers who will certainly be impressed. It’s all about being original and standing out, so here are a few tips:

Helmet decorations – can be easily mounted on top of your helmet for better visibility on the road and respect from other bikers.

Face masks look great with open helmets and offer some minor protection from wind and insects
Face masks look great with open helmets and offer some minor protection from wind and insects | Source

Face masks for open face helmets - a great way to attract attention and impress everyone. These masks can be used for winter sports as well, not to mention Halloween and other similar occasions.


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    • Tigrest profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago


      I am going to post more on gears and gadgets. Spring is coming :)

    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Love it, love it, love it, someone else interested in motorbikes and gear. Lovely read!


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