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How to keep your car clean between washed with an instant detailer.

Updated on July 21, 2012


This hub is going to talk about how you can keep your car clean without having to go through the whole method of going to the car wash. The method that we will be using today to the keep the car clean when you don't want to the car wash is going to be used through an instant detailer or glass cleaner or liquid that will not cause streaks or much maintenance.

Instant Detailer

The cleaner that I use is invisible glass. If I do not have invisible glass then I use a product by Mothers called instant detailer. This cleaner is a pretty good cleaner but personally I choose invisible glass over the Mothers instant detailer. The reason I choose the invisible glass over mothers is solely based on the fact that the cleaner itself is easier, doesn't streak, and is very low maintenance and does a great job. My paint on my car personally comes out good one after I use the invisible glass and I think that it does much better job the mothers instant detailer. Although you can use any type of instant detailer and you do not have to use the invisible glass. The invisible glass for me works perfect because If I do use this on my windows, I can then use it on any other part of the car after.

With all that being said let me get how I exactly clean the car without having to wash it or go through all of my other products. The first thing you do when you're going to use invisible glass or any instant detailer is you have to make sure the of plenty of paper towels, or as I use shop towels. Using paper towels is much better than a washcloth, or cotton cloth, or towel because you can easily dispose of the paper towels or shop towels after you use them.

When you're using instant tea to make sure that when he spray liquid on you waive the right off. You should not work on big areas at a time. Instead you should do small areas to make sure that you do not streak the instant detailer. Make sure you thoroughly clean each spot before you move on. Make sure there are no streaks, lines, or any other problems before you move onto next spot. Another good thing about using instant detailer instead of using all the products that I use when I wash my car, is that with an instant detailer you can use on any part of the car. You do not have to focus on one single area like interior or exterior or your Windows you can go from one spot to the next and not have to worry about changing your liquid.

Some people ask whether or not it's important to spray the invisible glass right onto the paint or onto the paper towel. When I use in instant detailer or invisible glass I usually spray a little bit on to the paint or whatever I'm cleaning, but I also spray some on the towel. By doing this this will ensure that you are using a wet surface when trying to clean your car, and you are not using a dry paper towel or rubbing a whatever towel on dry paint. This is why I use invisible glass because his very streak free and will not cause problems when you're cleaning a car as opposed to when you some instant detailer's you will have to really rub them to get the streaks out. Also another benefit of using invisible glass is that whether you do spray it right on the towel or right on the paint it will stay well lubricated while you clean your area and easily wipe off and dry.

The main purpose that you are going to be using an instant detailer to clean your car as appose to the carwash is to save time. When you have to wash a car usually that takes a few hours out of your day which you could be doing other projects, or writing for Hubpages, or spending your time to enjoy yourself. When using instant detailer it allows you to spend about 10 to 15 minutes to simply clean the car and it'll look just like as if you had washed it. I am very in favor of using instant detailer between carwashes, but that should not take away from you washing your car at least once a month. You should also be waxing your car once a month or using a polish. Although as long as you do use an instant detailer the waxing and car washing can be put off a little longer or not all. But overall if you want to protect and make sure your cars stays healthy, using an instant detailer will greatly assist you in this process.


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