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How to remedy the creaking in a Honda Odyssey side door.

Updated on September 8, 2012

2008 Honda Odyssey

Foam Added to Pillar

Creaks be gone. Silence wanted.

I own a 2008 Honda Odyssey and was really excited to have purchased it new off the truck in 2008. We had picked it out specifically at the dealership because of the features like the DVD player and drop down TV, the heated seats, the sunroof, the storage compartment under the front seats, the leather, the automatic side doors, the rear camera, etc… The list could go on and on.

It was the first new vehicle my wife and I had purchased and we thought it would be rock solid due to the fact that it was new. Boy, were we surprised. Now don’t get me wrong though, I really do like the van. In the past four and a half years, we have put an average of 12,000 to 13,000 miles on it yearly. Not a bad total considering the driving we have done. It has been halfway across the country twice and to North Dakota once, not to leave out the countless California trips. We live in Arizona.

The van is a great family vehicle when it comes to highway driving and even around town driving in that it’s extremely comfortable and rides like it on a cloud when there is smooth pavement beneath the tires. Otherwise, the vehicle moans and groans, rattles and creaks. It’s a large tube going down the road.

The problem goes back to just a few months after purchase though. The aforementioned creaks started in the driver-side, side door predominately. Every time during starting and stopping and any time on not so smooth roads, which is everywhere, the side door seemed to flex and move creating a creaking sound.

I gave the car to the dealership seven times in the first two years so they could investigate and attempt to remedy the sound. I was so upset when I would pick up the car after they said they had fixed it to have the creaks return within a couple blocks of the dealership. They claimed to have lubricated and replaced weather striping, adjusted the guide pins, replaced the motor, etc… Nothing seemed to work.

After a while I gave up and said I would just have to live with it. That lasted for a couple years until the problem began getting worse. The creaking was much louder and it seemed to be happening more often.

I had dropped my wife off at the grocery store and was waiting in the parking lot. I decided it was as good a time as any to try to figure out the door’s ailment. I had a wad of newspaper and thought I would see what would happen with the creaking if I closed the door on it. The thought was I could wedge something in the door to take up space thus stopping the movement of the door. It was a failed experiment. I stood outside the open door and stared at all the components. My focus moved to the latch in the door and the steel loop on the main pillar that the latch catches when the door is closed.

I had some foam in the car with a sticky backing. I stripped a thin section of the foam and I wrapped the steel loop with it before closing the door. I got back in the driver’s seat and put the car in gear fully expecting to hear the creaking once again as I had done every other time. But to my surprise it was gone. I had figured it out.

I had taken up the void between the latch on the door and steel loop by adding the foam. I noticed the foam was greasy and torn up after a couple openings and closings of the side door and told myself I would just have to live with replacing the foam for a while until I thought of something else.

The long and short of the remedy is that it’s a relatively easy fix. I’m sure I’m not the only Honda Odyssey owner that has experienced this problem. It seems these vans are everywhere. If you’re one of these fed up owners, get yourself some foam and get to work. You’ll be happy just like I was during your first quiet ride when the alternative was the norm.


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