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Hyundai Verna Versus Ford Fiesta - 9 Lakhs Segment Cars

Updated on July 8, 2019

I would suggest buying Hyundai Verna instead of Ford Fiesta because Verna rocks.

When you compare the specifications and price of both the vehicles, you will definitely feel that Fiesta has quoted a much more price than Verna.

Literally saying, Fiesta's warranty vanishes if we install a Pioneer or Sony MP3 Music Systems because the Ford Company has recommended only Kenwood players since it has god socket-to-socket connection, which is easily adaptable for Fiesta.


Verna has got 103.2 bhp (petrol) and 110 bhp (crdi) while Fiesta has 82 bhp. Now by this, I guess you can feel the power of the Verna.


I do not find any difference. Almost both cars are on par with mileage. I drove my friends fiesta SXI diesel one on a highway road to Jaipur and it gave 14.5 kmpl with AC on.


Now coming to the top-end versions of the Verna and Fiesta ( comparing only diesel in this section).

Verna crdi top-end on-road price is 9.11 lakhs.

Fiesta Sxi top-end on-road price is 9.26 lakhs.

But Verna crdi top-end car comes with automatic climate control, anti-braking system ABS (which costs around 30k), inbuilt Kenwood MP3 players with 6 speakers, wood grave finish. Its back looks like it has built integrated with rear spoiler, alloy wheels.

While the fiesta SXI top-end car does not have ABS, comes with 6 CD audio changer, not an MP3. I guess its AC is manual since I found controlling knobs which we need to tune manually while you will see a tuner type in Verna.

Recently I heard that Fiesta top-end versions are without alloy wheels, do not know how far this is true. If anyone knows about it, let me know?

Fiesta steering is a hydraulic one while Verna uses a rack and pinion technology. I drove both the vehicles. I found Verna's steering smooth and sensitive.


In this time of recession and economic downturn, price becomes an important factor. I think if you are buying something, just have a look on its worth. You will find Verna cheaper than Fiesta with a difference of 15K, which is not a negligible one. If we go Verna top-end crdi for 9.11 lacks, we will get a powerful vehicle compared to Fiesta with ABS which is lacking in Fiesta and worth of 30k which is also noticeable with almost same mileage.

Now, it is your choice which car you want to buy. Just test drive both of them before buying and feel the difference.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Microniche Finding Coach -- Rajinder Soni


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