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Impact Wrench Review: Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX air impact wrench

Updated on December 1, 2015

Whether you are an automobile mechanic, a construction worker, or a do-it-yourself home repair person, you are probably always on the lookout for good tools. Whether it is a power tool, hand tool, or air tool the “best sellers” are usually those that have excellent ratings from customers that have used these products themselves.

During my search for a well rated air impact wrench, I decided to use Google Product Reviews and Amazon Reviews to find the best wrench for my purpose. Once I completed my investigation I decided to post my review online and share the details that I found about the Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX air impact wrench.

I was very happy to find that both Google and Amazon reviews gave this impact wrench a 5-Star rating. As of July, this wrench has been in the top 100 Best Seller list in the air tools category on Amazon for over 877 days and continues to get high marks and rave reviews from customers who purchase this product.

Product Features

For me, the key features that I was looking for in an air impact wrench were comfort and ease of use. I was also looking for long lasting quality. I found all of these in this product as well as many more that convinced me that this was definitely the wrench for me. So let me start with the list of qualities that separates this Ingersoll Rand hand tool from the rest.

Weight – At just 3.95 pounds this tool makes it easier to work all day without getting tired from lifting a heavy tool. This wrench has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class at 750 ft./lbs. of maximum reverse torque.

Noise level – Facing a day filled with loud noise from my impact wrench is not something I would look forward to. The patented Quiet Tool technology that Ingersoll Rand built into this tool reduces the noise level, but it has no affect on the torque levels.

Ease of Use – I wanted to find an impact wrench that had buttons or dials that were “user friendly” and easy to access. I found this in abundance in the IR 2135 wrench. It has a patented one-handed push button for forward as well as reverse, a 4-position power regulator dial, and a specially designed touch trigger with a wide range of regulator settings.

Quality – Ingersoll Rand is known around the world as a manufacturer of quality products and their wrenches are no exception. They believe in their products and the Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX air impact wrench comes with a free two year warranty when you register your purchase with them.

Product Specifications - Nut busting torque (ft-lb) 1,100; torque in reverse 780; forward torque range (ft-lb) 50-500; impacts per minute 1,250.

If you would like to read a more complete review of this air impact wrench, you can visit my site at and click on the Review Page for the IR 2135TiMax wrench. I have also found the best discount site to make your purchase, so be sure to check out my website for the complete list of technical details of this product as well as the information regarding pricing.

Thanks for reading my HubPage. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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