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Improve Your Outboard & Vechile Performance, Without A Tune-Up!

Updated on July 1, 2012

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and I continue to be impressed with the benefits of adding Marvel Mystery Oil to my fuel, for both automotive and outboard applications.

It started with my purchase of a used 1999 Bass Tracker Targa boat, with a 90HP (2-stroke) Mercury engine. The engine never seemed to run quite right, with a rough idle, little bit of smoke, and what I considered to be low MPG for my usage. I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into repairs immediately, so I dealt with for a little while, before a friend suggested I try simply running Marvel Mystery Oil through it once or twice by adding it to my fuel. So I gave it a try… and I’m hooked!

I saw immediate performance enhancements, as well as the additional benefits of essentially cleaning my engine from the “inside-out,” adding to the longevity of my outboard. The rough idle disappeared, the plumes of smoke were gone, and my MPGs immediately increased… and that’s without investing a dime into a tune-up, or engine tweaks.

The product works by lubricating the entire fuel system-fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and/or carburetors as well as the top portion of all cylinders. These are the areas that we know motor oil does not reach by design. It creates a cleaner burning cylinder environment, reducing build-up on spark plugs. This results in better firing plugs that increase performance and durability that you’ll see almost immediately.

The stuff is incredibly cheap, and simple to use – just at 4 ounces, every time you fill up, for every 10 gallons of gas. There are also added benefits to adding the product to your existing engine oil. It has properties that reduce and prevent valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge. Valve sticking is that annoying "ticking" sound coming from the engine compartment when the engine is running. It also protects your engine oil from breakdown caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Clearly, I’m impressed with what the product has done for me – so much so, I currently also utilize the product in my SUV – seeing an immediate boost in MPGs. Now who couldn’t stand to see better mileage these days?


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