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Industrial Trucks 101

Updated on August 4, 2012
Contrary to what majority of us knew, NOT all industrial trucks are forklift trucks; it maybe the most common example but there are more industrial trucks other than forklifts.
Contrary to what majority of us knew, NOT all industrial trucks are forklift trucks; it maybe the most common example but there are more industrial trucks other than forklifts. | Source

What are Industrial Trucks?

Industrial trucks are vehicles that are used mainly for industrial purposes such as but not limited to loading, lifting, transporting and handling materials. These motor trucks are used almost everyday within small, medium or large scale industries; thus its name. These trucks are usually made with heavy duty, welded steel and have smooth, durable coating. These vehicles may use either manual power mechanism or an engine that it powered by electricity, propane or gasoline. The efficiency and power of these industrial trucks depends on the power that these mechanisms or engines can produce. Industrial trucks have greatly helped in improving the techniques and processes of most industries today.

Kinds of Industrial Trucks According to Characteristics

Pallet/Non Pallet

Pallet Industrial trucks have flat surface wherein you can load parcels or forks which can handle materials and pallets. Non Pallet Industrial truck on the other hand uses other type of handling mechanism, such as grip and chain lifter.

Stack/No Stack

Stack Industrial trucks has the capability and power to lift materials/parcels to higher level for stacking purposes. No stack industrial trucks on the other hand can only lift the materials and parcels just a few inches above the ground. These trucks are ideal in moving and transporting parcels and materials.


Manual operated industrial trucks use manual muscle power from the operator, which means the operator provides the horizontal and vertical power to the truck. On the other hand, powered industrial trucks use engines that are powered by battery, electricity, gasoline or propane. These trucks are more efficient and powerful.

Narrow Aisle

Narrow Aisle Industrial trucks are vehicles that are designed to fit small spaces and narrow aisles. These trucks feature a slimmer body that provides smaller turning radius and great reaching capabilities.


Walk industrial trucks are usually smaller in built and requires the operator to just walk before, during and after the process. Ride industrial trucks on the other hand are big enough to accommodate the operator and allow him to sit or stand inside the vehicle.

Automated/ Semi-Automated

Automated industrial trucks are the most advance industrial trucks that are being used today. It can do the hard work even without an operator. These trucks are also known as Automated Guided Vehicle or AGV. A semi-automated industrial truck requires little help from a human operator. Usually, the operator controls the loading and unloading of materials while the truck works automatically when transporting the materials.

Types of Industrial Trucks

There are different types of industrial trucks available in today’s market. These trucks can be used for different applications and purposes.

7. Pallet jack

a. Manual pallet jack

b. Powered pallet jack

8. Pallet truck

9. Platform truck

a. Walkie platform truck

b. Rider platform truck

10. Personnel and burden carrier

11. Sideloader

12. Tractor-trailer

13. Turret truck

a. Operator-down turret truck

b. Operator-up turret truck

14. Walkie stacker

a. Manual walkie stacker

b. Powered walkie stacker

1. Automatic guided vehicle (AGV)

a. Tow AGV

b. Unit load AGV

c. Assembly AGV

d. Light load AGV

e. Fork AGV

2. Counterbalanced lift truck

a. Sit-down counterbalanced lift truck

b. Stand-up counterbalanced lift truck

3. Hand truck

a. Two-wheeled hand truck

b. Dolly

c. Floor hand truck

4. Narrow-aisle straddle truck

5. Narrow-aisle reach truck

6. Order picker


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    • beindustrial profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Effingham, IL

      Thanks! Glad you like our hub. You can read more material handling info here:

    • eartus profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice hub! Very informative! I always thought industrial trucks and forklifts are all of the same thing. I never thought there are other industrial trucks besides forklifts... Lol! Thanks for the info!


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