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Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti vs AirCat NitroCat 1000TC

Updated on January 26, 2014

Compare Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti vs NitroCat 1000TC

I've got air tools already. I've been using these things for years. My shop/garage/truck is loaded with equipment I know and trust. Why should I start spending my hard-earned money on new tools? Everything works fine no issues sure the warranty is over but I can get it fixed if I need it fixed.

Easy there, I'll tell you. If you care about air tools, especially impact wrenches, you're going to spend a lot of time with them. All day at the shop, or an afternoon in your garage. New isn't always better, but the little guys want space in your tool chest and maybe they should get it. Here, try this; it's an 2135Ti Ingersoll Rand's 1/2" impact wrench.

I know IR Air tools! They've worked out real well for me and my buddies.

What? Can't hear you over that thing. That's a good impact gun, great for suspension work. Now, try this one it's the 1000TC NitroCat's ½" gun.

vrrrmmmopmmmrth vrrrmmmopmmmrth It's not working!

Sure it is, that's just a quiet impact gun. It still puts out 1000 ft/lbs of torque with 200-800 working torque, it just isn't shattering your eardrums while it's doing it. Try pulling that bolt...

vrrrmmmopmmmrth vrrrmmmopmmmrth Hey, that's nice. Something that quiet shouldn't be doing anything. Can you get one of these to the kid who works in the next bay?

I'll get to him next. That was just a wheel lug. Try something tougher, like some really tough bolts.

Okay. That was a tough one. I like the NitroCat. It's heavier, but it's quieter and doesn't vibrate as much as the 2135Ti IR because of the twin clutch in it.

The extra weight in the steel casing helps damp the vibrations. So does the mechanism, it's a different design from the IR Titanium. I think it's better for me, but it has its limitations. Get up under there and try to pull the camber bolts like you were doing an alignment. Get a swivel and an extender on it.

I had to pull the IR out to get the bolts off, but maybe the Nitro Cat got them started. The other has to be weaker to be that quiet. That a 1/4" air hose on your alignment rack? That'll cost you power on any air tool.

Look, it's quieter and easier to control even if it is a little heavier. And as for power, tighten a bolt with your IR and then take it off with the Nitro Cat - you'll see they're about the same torque. In the end they are both great guns really comes down to what will work best for you and of course cost! The Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti is lighter, louder and a bit more expensive but did seem to have a bit more power. The NitroCat 1000TC is heavier, less quiet and cheaper.

Man are those impact wrenches loud!

Impact Wrenches

NitroCat 1000TC
NitroCat 1000TC
Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti
Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti


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