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Mustang Informer

Updated on March 17, 2015

Interesting Mustang Facts

The Ford Mustang is one of if not the most successful cars ever produced. Many parts of the Mustang story have become legendary and as with any legend there is fact and fiction. Maybe not legendary in the folklore sense there are many little known and misunderstood facts concerning the history of the Mustang. Below are some interesting facts that can clear up some of these misconceptions.

  • It was at Watkins Glen raceway in New York Oct. 7, 1962 that the Mustang 1 Prototype was first displayed.
  • Later in Oct. 6, 1963 Watkins Glen displayed the Mustang ll prototype.
  • The first "real" Mustang was premiered April 17,1964 at the New York World's Fair.
  • By the end of the first day of it's release 22,000 Mustangs for sold.
  • Within the first two years over one million Mustangs were sold.
  • By the end of the 1964 year 263,434 Ford Mustangs were sold.
  • 418,810 of these cars were sold by it's one year anniversary.
  • Back in the 60's Independent rear suspension was actually considered for performance versions of the Mustang.
  • The Mustang Cobra was not available in 2002.
  • Most people call the Mustangs produced in 1964 as 64 and a half's but in actuality they were considered early 1965's. So looking at the Vin number the first (last digit of the model year) was 5 not 4.
  • The first Vin number for the Mustang was 5F08F100001.
  • The first Fastback debuted Oct. 1, 1964.
  • Phil Clark designed the galloping horse logo.
  • Many think the original drawings of the Mustang by John Najjar was based on the P-51 Mustang Airplane but Lee Iacocca stated it was based on the horse itself.
  • The one-millionth Mustang was produced Feb.23, 1966.
  • The movie with possibly the greatest car chase scene in movie history "Bullitt" with "Steve McQueen and his Ford Mustang premiered Oct.17, 1968.
  • Production of the Mustang began on March 9, 1964.
  • Most people think the first car off the assembly line was a white convertible but Lee Iacocca said it was a hardtop.
  • Though not considered a "real Mustang" by many people the 1974 Mustang ll sold 3 times as many cars as the 1973 Mustang.
  • Ford in the late 80's considered moving the Mustang over to front wheel drive but do to protests by loyal Mustang enthusiasts it never happened and the "Probe" was produced instead.


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