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Can You Daily Drive a Mazda MX-5 Miata?

Updated on April 10, 2018

Where and why did I get this gem?

So, a little backstory first. About a month ago I threw caution to the wind and headed all the way down to Tennessee from Illinois to trade in my Hyundai Veloster Turbo. Why in God's name would I do this? It's simple: the Miata is a car lover's dream. 50/50 weight distribution, perfectly balanced hydraulic steering rack, and so much more!

Plus, the red color and black wheels don't hurt at all! You see, I purchased the Club trim which swaps in bilstein shocks, a limited slip differential, a rear diffuser, and a front splitter. Essentially, it's for track duty. And being stopped by cops (of which hasn't happened yet, shockingly).

Is it fuel efficient?

Depends on your definition, I suppose. If you are looking to get consistently above 30 MPG, then no, it is not. Living in the midwest with our wonky weather, I average about 26-28 MPG. How does this make sense when it's a four cylinder car that barely weighs anything? Well, Mazda essentially tuned it to be in sport mode all the time. I have the automatic version, which yes, is sacrilege in the Miata community, but as a daily driver, it's a must for me. But, imporantly, the transmission isn't constantly hunting for higher gears like many eco cars of today. It holds the gears longer and lets you rev the engine as much as your little heart desires.

But overall, no, don't expect this to be an economy car. As cringe-worthy as this is, it's far more important to go by Smiles Per Gallon. I hate myself.

Is it practical at all?

This one is easy. Not even a little bit. Can you use it to move to one place to another? Nope. Can you fit much in the trunk? Negatory. Is there adequate storage space inside the car? Barely enough for a soda can.

But, no one buys a Miata looking for those things, right?

Here are the upsides, though. You literally can't be the friend who has to shuttle tons of people around. You also can't help people move that you really don't even like. Plus, most people are driving alone most of the time. If you're moving, chances are you will rent a truck regardless.

Need to buy groceries? The Miata will be just fine, unless you're going to Sams Club for a family. I'd probably get a Focus hatchback then.

Do you feel too confined?

With the top up, it can feel a little constricted inside. It's not spacious. But, it's really designed to have the top down, which I do at every possible opportunity. It's life changing. There is literally no better feeling in the automotive world than having the top down in you red Miata, blasting your favorite music, while you cruise down the open road with the sun shining. Literally nothing beats that.

So, if you have the chance to do that, TAKE IT! Right now. I'll wait. 5...4...3...2...1...DO IT!

For more info, watch this video:

Should you get one? YES!

The drawbacks of having it simply don't matter. I've driven this car for over a month as my only car. I love it. The pros easily outweigh the cons.

But, if you have any questions about my experience, do let me know in the comments!


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