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Jaguar E Type Maintenance

Updated on October 24, 2015

Jaguar E Type Routine Maintenance

As the proud owner of a Jaguar E Type as you are, and of course you want to cherish and protect this iconic car as much as you can. With a beautiful long engine hood and elegantly fluent aerodynamic lines that still today turns heads wherever it cruises. Not only it is still stylish and valuable but it has made as well a solid mark on the history of automobiles.

Maintenance on the Jaguar E Type should be looked upon as a vital reason for obtaining fuel economy and E Type parts durability, safety, and the best possible performance from the vehicle and a continual appreciation in value.

Getting yourself in to the habit of following these simple steps that I´ll be describing below will greatly increase the chances of running your E type without rising surprise problems out in the open road or in the middle of a traffic jam.

Jaguar E-Type Restoration Guide

Routine Maintenance Schedule

Daily Inspection

  • Before firing up the engine, make sure the engine oil level is where it should be up to the “MAX” level on the dipstick. Add oil if necessary.
  • Remove the radiator cap and top up the coolant if necessary.
  • Inspect the windshield washer fluid level.
  • Peek at the level of brake fluid in the reservoir and keep it in mind.
  • Ensure proper function of horn, windshield wipers, windshield washer pump and lights.

Weekly Inspection

  • Check tire pressure and tire condition for any cracks, cuts or uneven wear.

Monthly Inspection

  • Check tire pressure and tire condition again and any hub cap looseness.
  • Inspect your car battery fluid level.
  • Give your car a visual inspection against rust inside and out.

At Every 5000 Km

  • Change engine oil every 5000 km.
  • Remove distributor cap and lubricate where necessary with only a few drops of oil.
  • Remove spark plugs and clean them with a wire brush. Spark plug gaps are set at 0,64mm.
  • Carburetor piston dampers should be topped up with oil.
  • Cooling system water hose should be checked for weak spots and cracks.
  • Gearbox or Automatic transmission fluid levels are to be checked as well as the rear axle oil level and clutch fluid level.
  • Adjust handbrake if necessary

At Every 10,000 Km

  • Do the same maintenance as at every 5000 Km plus change the oil filter.
  • Inspect and replace the water pump and alternator belt if necessary.
  • Inspect carburetors for deposits and clean if necessary.
  • Replace the air filter element.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Apply with a grease gun through the grease nipples all the steering lubrication points, wheel swivels, propeller shaft and rear suspension.
  • Get a can of WD 40 and spray handbrake mechanism, door and trunk hinges and locks, fuel cover hinge, wiper arms, engine hood hinges and seat adjustment mechanism and alternator bearings.
  • Apply silicone spray to all rubbers and seals inside and out.

At Every 20,000 Km

  • Do the same maintenance as starting at every 5000 Km plus inspect closely camshaft covers for leaks and remove them and clean if necessary. Replace camshaft cover joints with new ones.
  • Remove spark plugs and replace with new ones at a gap as described above.
  • Inspect or replace contact breaker in distributor.
  • Change the gear box oil.
  • Grease front and rear wheel bearings.
  • Inspect brakes and brake pads.


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