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Jaguar E Type Parts Changeability Between Models

Updated on October 24, 2015

Changing worn out E Type parts for new ones, or even when doing a complete restoration job on the Jaguar E Type could come out extremely costly. If your basic reason is to obtain a constant appreciation in its value, then you´re better off getting parts from certified Jaguar dealers.

Ordering new parts from a certified Jaguar E Type parts dealer is essential to maintain its originality and therefore increase its worth as much as you can, but there are ways in getting parts and Jaguar spares that started as soon as the Jaguar E Type was introduced to the public in March 1961. In doing so, and choosing carefully the right part, you can save money and still maintain originality at a much lower cost.

Jaguar E Type (XKE) Restoration Guide

Back in the early 1960´s when E Types first started to appear to make their mark on the race track, as beautiful as the E Type is, racing teams soon found out that the E Type had weak spots.

In their entire quest in bettering laps times and avoiding mid-race breakdowns, they replaced certain components from other Jaguar car models and fitted to the racing E Type.

Jaguar spares where then available for the E Type that where more durable for the track.

Jaguar E Type Part Changeability Between Models

The list below is some of the few and simple ways where you can use parts from other Jaguar models to fit your E Type.

  • All six-cylinder XK engines can be fitted to an E type except the 2.8 liter. In some cases all you need to change is the oil pan.
  • The entire triple carburetor set ups for 3.8-litre and 4.2-litre cars are exchangeable.
  • 3.8-litre and 4.2-litre cylinder heads are the same.
  • Early series oil filter assemblies can be exchanged for those fitted to the XJ6.
  • Gearboxes and clutches from almost every jaguar made from mid 1950´s onwards can be used on the E Type.
  • A number of parts from the front suspension can be changed for those of other jaguars like the Mark Two saloon.
  • Almost all the brakes are interchangeable but I would suggest an upgrade on these.
  • The handbrake assembly on independent rear suspension on newer saloons fits the E type.
  • Smiths instruments can be replaced for those from other Jaguar saloon cars as well as revolution counters.
  • Some door and window handles can be used from those fitted to the Mark Two and other earlier saloons.
  • Light units are widespread and the same on almost all Jaguar cars.
  • Fuel pumps are also exchangeable between E Types.
  • Hardtops and soft tops are standard on all Series 1 and 2, but are longer on the Series 3 and the clips that hold them down at the windscreen, and which occasionally break, are the same whether fitted to soft or hardtop.


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