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Jaguar E Type by Eagle

Updated on March 14, 2011

The E type Jaguar was introduced to the public in the Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, in March 1961. With a long engine hood and stylishly flowing aerodynamic lines that still today it turns a head or two wherever it cruises. The body was inspired on the D-type competition model and the engine descendant of the XK150´s. The car when it first appeared made such a global impression that even Enzo Ferrari, when he first saw the car said: "The most beautiful car ever made”.

Now this iconic car has been fashionably resurrected by Eagle.

As a Jaguar E-Type lover and enthusiast, I just want to say: Thank-you Eagle.

This company was founded in 1982 and since then has exclusively restored only E Types to their original specifications as the day the car left the factory decades ago.

This learning curve that Eagle has been acquiring led to the development and re-birth of the E Type Speedster.

Either for the simple road or for the race track, each and every Eagle Speedsters performance can be customized depending on orders or on how much power the owner requires. Eagle will also supply race braking systems and suspensions fitted on order.

The differences between the 1961 E Type and this new E Type are clearly obvious.

  • Lowered & raked screen

Ever since I´ve known the E Type I´ve always imagined how it would be with a more tilted windscreen for better aerodynamics and style. Now Eagle has done it perfectly. With it, a parked Eagle E Type even looks like it´s still on the move.

  • Waterfall console

This division between the two seats is a bit Vette like of the early 60´s.

  • Lowered floor pan

Foot room was big problem on E Types, especially if you got big feet. Now with the floor lowered, not only does it give you more foot room but from the outside it gives the car the impression that´s it´s intimately gripping the road more.

  • Sculpted and original cockpit

Just like the original 1961. Toggle switches and instruments throughout with a noticeable great effort in custom detailing.

  • Concealed handbrake

It´s an original idea that visually looks great but I’m not too sure about its practicality.

  • Wheel arches & track

Wider wheel track and larger arches that clearly show muscle.

  • Wide alloy spoke rims

Just like the original, only wider for better grip and better looks.

  • Seamless and flush body

All around this magnificent car the lines are pure and streamlined.

  • Engine engineering

Eagle supplies this car a 4.7 liter engine together with a 5 speed gearbox.

Jaguar E Type (Jaguar XKE)

It is known as the Jaguar E Type in Europe and commonly referred to as the Jaguar XKE in North America. Get more detailed information on the Jaguar XKE:

Video on Eagle


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    • profile image

      Phil Hartman 

      8 years ago

      What a gorgeous car! It's truly a work of art. I almost bought an E Type in the early 1990's. After reading this hub, I wish I would have gotten it.


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