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Jaguar XKE-Order Online Books for Your Classic

Updated on March 11, 2011
Jaguar XKE (E-Type) Poster
Jaguar XKE (E-Type) Poster

If you are the proud owner of a Jaguar XKE (more commonly known in Europe as the Jaguar E Type) you will want to know how to maintain your iconic art on wheels! Not only will you be having a bit of fun for yourself, getting intimate with your roadster, but you will as well be saving quite some money as supposed taking it to your preferred auto shop and being presented with an enormous and outrageous bill!

Not only when you order online books for maintenance on your car, you can be interested, and should order online books related to Jaguars past and history on the evolution of the test cars built that helped drawing up Jaguar XKE´s final lines.

On this last one, there are quite a few Jaguar XKE aficionados that still don´t know of the secrecy that Jaguar kept in designing the Jaguar XKE. Believe me, it´s an interesting story with video of the first prototype!

Now If you are planning to buy a Jaguar XKE, either as an investment, complete from the grounds up restoration project, or just because you fell in love with car, if you order online books on the car as to restoration and maintenance you will be getting a huge amount of information not only on the restoration process but a good idea of the costs you will be faced with to complete your restoration and maintain your prized classic!

I´ve seen a good share of restoration projects being given up halfway due to the lack of money, then the owner decides to sell it, but gets only the same for what he bought or even less!

So do your homework and order online that necessary Jaguar XKE book to help you figure out the costs!

Books you can order online necessary for your Jaguar XKE restoration, maintenance, engine and history!

The complete story on this classic auto

Jaguar XKE (E-Type)

The Complete Story by Crowood AutoClassic. Order online this book to get to know a bit of history on the Jaguar XKE and its development. In this book there is also included a guide in how to maintain your classic Jaguar XKE.

Tips included if you order online this book on how to choose the right Jaguar XKE if you´re in the market to buy one!

Jaguar E-Type: The World´s Favorite 60s Icon

Another book to order online that richly tells you about this famous car and automaker. Excellent and detailed photos of all Jaguar XKE series changes throughout its 13 year production.

Jaguar XKE 6 and 12 Cilinder Restoration Guide

Definitely a must to order online for a complete from the grounds up restoration project. The book focus on as well the changes that were made during the car's development from 1961 to 1974.

A Guide to Overhaul the XK Engine

The XK engine that fitted the Jaguar XKE is truly a remarkable engine. This engine has proven its worth and reliability on past models and racers such as the C-Type and the D-Type. For a correct overhaul to the XK engine order online this book now.

The complete story of this famous automaker. From 1922 till today

Complete Story of the Leaping Cat

The Swallow Sidecar Company was the name used before Jaguar. To avoid any association with the war the name was changed to Jaguar because it was used to name one of their early models at the time! Order online this book and get to know better the history of a great automaker!


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