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Kyle Bush The Real Deal

Updated on February 19, 2011

A new face is out there somewhere

Love him or Hate him

No matter what your opinion of Kyle Bush may be, weather you think he's a punk, an ass or something else, you can't deny his driving skills. This kid is damn good. This past weekend at Bristol motor Speedway proves my point. Kyle became the first drive in NASCAR history to win all three major series at the same track in the same week.

Wednesday night he started deep in the field to win the Craftsman Truck race to start off his wining streak. Then on Friday night he pushed by Brad kesoloiski to take the checker in the Nationwide series race.

Saturday nights NASCAR race was just the icing on the cake, Kyle led the most laps and stayed out of trouble to take the checker flag with a dominate finish.

Kyle Bush may the Dale Earnhardt of the new generation of race fans. When Dale came on the race scene you either loved him or hated him. Here I have to admit, I wasn't a Dale fan, I was a Bill Elliot fan, Ford vs Chevy. The rivals of Dale and Bill made the races worth watching. I just about gave up on NASCAR until this year.

They finally decided to let the guys race, take off the binders and let the chips fall where they may. Kyle's move to take out Brad in the Nationwide race reminded me of the Earnhardt move on Terry Labonte at Bristol in the 99. Earnhardt spun Labonte on the last lap to win the race.

It seems that the same fans that cheered Dale for that move, are some of the same ones booing Kyle. Funny how thing change.

Like I said, love him or hate him, he one of the best out there. Yeah, I know, he hasn't won a championship yet, but he's young and I bet it won't be long until there are several trophies on his mantle. This kid has got back interested in the NASCAR world again, and you owe to yourself to watch for yourself some the best racing in the world.

There will be new drivers out there all the time, some will make a mark and some will disappear as fast as they came. Look for Kyle to make a big mark on this sport.


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