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LED Daytime Running Lights

Updated on October 5, 2014

Choosing LED Daytime Running Lights

LED lighting when used in correct temperatures is long lasting end effective. In order to get the best results, these lights should not exceed 60(mW) electrical milliwatts. Any lights sold out of this range, will fade or burn out very quickly. With this considerations in mind, LED's efficiency outweighs other types of lighting, and in fact has replaced most older lighting systems because of its longevity. The may be bought in many colors. LED daytime running lights are now very popular in cars, and other types of vehicles, in all types of cameras, inclusive of video photography.

An excellent place to shop for LED daytime running lights, regardless of the type you desire is They have a large selection of LED lights for all your needs, and what makes shopping at this website very desirable is that your are able to check out the reviews on each item that has been sold, regardless of the purpose. When purchasing electronic items, make certain that your purchases have no less than a 3 star ratings, to ensure you have the best quality product. This article is designed to assist you in making the best purchases for your requirements, it is not all encompassing, but will inform on some of the outstanding choices you will have in purchasing a LED daytime running light.

Lights for Cameras

A 4 LED daytime running light with clamp is featured for Panasonic cameras with a mini-DV battery that received a 5 star review, was the Varizoom. This sells for over $300.00 and gives good lighting in a variety of settings. By contrast, another great offering was from SWIT Electronics, made in America, that offers a similar 4 LED light with barn doors, 12W consumption, dimmer and pole power connector, with a cold shoe and screw mount, was on sale for less than with $200.00. Reviews on this product were between 3 to 4.5 stars.

Photo and Video Lighting

Photo and video lighting using LED was featured in the Fotodiox LED 312AS camera, which received 4 stars from a variety of reviewers. Amazon's price range for this camera new was $159.00, and for used ones $127.00. Add ons for this feature were between $30 to $50, the most popular one being a NEEWER CM-160 LED video light ultra high power 160 LED digital camera camcorder for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, Leica, Samsung and Lympus Digital SLR cameras. These items rated from 3.5 to 4 stars.

Motor Vehicle Daytime Running Lights

By far the most popular uses of LED daytime running lights being bought was for motor vehicles. The main reason for this being safety. During daytime hours these LED running lights improve the visibility of a car on roadways, by usage of high beams and luminosity. Based on the reviews, some of these lights also enhance to attractiveness of the cars for drivers, one in particular mentioned was the blue light. The variety is vast, covering reverse fitted LED lights to safety strobes that can be clipped on to your motor car.

In this article items chosen have been rated between 3 to 5 stars for your shopping purposes. Some of these lights can be used on many vehicles. However before opting for a generic LED daytime running light, check out the type of car that you own, as particular fittings may be needed for your vehicle. This refers from high end to low end vehicles.

Fog Lights

A popular LED daytime running light for cars is made by Neewer, this super 6 LED fog light got good reviews, and sells for only $13.99. A waterproof white 5 LED 800 Lumens daytime running fog light for cars sells for $48.00. Conversely, the white superflux 9 LED car Auto DRL daytime running driving fog light lamp pack of 1 pair sells for $19.99. Another type of light is a 2 piece 0.3W 8 LED which fits on many vehicles. This is light running lamp and sells for $3.80, new. Phillips makes a 1282 W LED x with four high powered Luxeon running lights for $80.03. You may prefer to purchase a Eaurolight Euro style super white 8 LED daytime running light kit for your BMW the price for a new one being $7.99.

Reverse Running Lights

Reverse LED daytime running lights are also popular, with a wide variety for your specific car, or one that may be able to be fitted on your vehicle. A classy auto backup daytime running light is the white LED bulbs reverse light 54-SMD 3156, 3157, 3757, 4114 or 4157 only for classy cars. Check out the specifications to see which one of these can be easily fitted to your vehicle. Motorcycles and bicycles are not excluded as far as these special LED lights go. The Universal 4 dot LED daytime running light POD for sport bikes and motorcycles sells for $10.95.

Other Uses

Flood lights used in large parks are also sold on the Amazon website, many of these offer LED daylight running features. So do lights for boats and aeroplanes in fact any moving vehicle has some sort of LED light on sale. In addition to these, there are LED daytime running lights for refrigerators and freezers that are often closed, special LED daytime running lights are used to illuminate interiors of items that remain closed for specific uses.

Find your Running Light

When shopping on, please make certain you have all of the information necessary to make a worthwhile purchase. You may bid on any LED daytime running light, however, these items move very quickly, so if you do have the specifics for the item and are clear that this is what is needed, do not hesitate in making the purchase.

Most LED daylight running lights can be returned to Amazon .com if they have not been badly damaged. Your purchase should be able to be fitted on your vehicle, camera or electronic item without any hassle. Many people who wrote reviews had problems getting purchased lights to fit. To eliminate this issue, read the specifications admeasurements carefully, making certain they match your item at home, before buying your LED daytime running light, to make certain that your are fully satisfied with the purchase.


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