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Learn to Ride a Motorcycle without a Rider Buddy

Updated on July 14, 2012

No Riding Buddy?

Learning to ride a motorcycle is not something to do on your own, unless you have a private area to ride and access to a vehicle. Fortunately, there are organizations out there that make it easier to learn to ride.

Where and How to Learn to Ride a Motorcycle

Take a motorcycle safety course. Many courses offer a bike to learn on, usually a 250cc to 350cc cruiser. If you are in the U.S., visit for classes. They are between 2 and 3 days, cost around $200-$300, and at the end upon passing the class test, you receive a waiver to take to the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, in exchange for an upgrade to an existing driver's license.

Note: To take a course with MSF, you must already have at least driver's permit or a motorcycle learner's permit. A permit probably requires that you take a written test. (Don't know any states that don't have that requirement.) Get a motorcycle manual from your state's DMV if available. Check with the course offered in your state for details. Requirements may vary.

For example, the state of Connecticut allows a learner to ride a motorcycle with a permit for 60 days as long as the rider has a valid driver's license, wears a helmet and eye protection (helmet's are otherwise optional in Connecticut), rides only in the day, and takes no passengers. But in order to get a license, he or she must take a safety course.

To increase your ability thus increasing your chance at passing the test, before taking the course, practice riding a bicycle and learn to drive a car with standard transmission (a stick shift) if you don't know already.

If you are not in the U.S., just search in your browser for "motorcycle safety course". Safety on a motorcycle is of utmost importance. As a rider, you are an unprotected person on an open-air vehicle. Riding on two wheels instead of four, you have less traction and more opportunity to crash. And wear proper riding gear. Motorcycle fatalities are high compared to other types of vehicles, head injuries being a top reason for fatalities.

Be safe and godspeed.


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