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MG SV Review

Updated on July 21, 2013

Whilst financial problems of all types were occurring in the board rooms of Rover, the designers at MG were given a task to build a car that was to be a Porsche destroyer for the American market. The acquisition of Qvale Automotive Srl made this possible , this car was set to be made in 2001 however the deadline was pushed back due to internal problems within the company.

The car was mainly built to appeal to the Large American sports car market which was well known to be booming at that time. After a lot of tinkering in the workshop the concept car was revealed in 2001, however it received a large amount of criticism. The main problem was the car was too sedated in its looks and did not posses the flare that the competition had.

That year the designer Peter Stevens redesigned the car to be more aggressive and to have a bigger presence that was previously seen on the company car. No only that but some say this is the most aggressive car that was ever produced with a MG badge.

From that the Mg was born and the car was made with multiple variations, they had however moved the car from the reasonably priced past Mg's to the realm of Porches and M3's. The price range was around £65,000 to £83,000 dependent on which engine and trims you went for. The car came with a fully carbon fiber body which required complex assembly, the engine was a fast number from Ford that traded economy for noise and pounds of torque. Some parts of the body however where not as original as the body with small parts such as the lights being borrowed from Fiat.

Production of the car finally stopped due to the lack of sales and the lack of interest in the brand. This was partially due to the price tag but also due to the diminishing demand of British made sports cars which were quickly falling behind their counterparts in other parts of Europe, America and Asia. The car was made for 2003 to 2005 and during which approximately 82 cars were made. Being a sports car the car had a power-plant at the front with rear wheel drive. This included a 4.6 liter big v8 which was attached to a 5 speed manual putting down 320 bhp. The torque figures were not bad either creating 302lbs of torque and even though most of the orders were for a manual , some automatics were made. 0-60 took only 5.3 seconds and the top speed was reportedly limited to 165mph and with a curb weigh of 1.5 tons it did not do too bad in the corners. The depreciation value on one of these however is not the best and the main problem is that the company went out of business and this does not have much collectors value.



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