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Mini Micro Scooter: A Review.

Updated on July 28, 2018
My first scooter was not a success with us :(
My first scooter was not a success with us :( | Source
Riding her yellow Mini Micro Scooter and loving it!
Riding her yellow Mini Micro Scooter and loving it! | Source

There are many scooters on the market for a 3 year old and choosing one can be a daunting task. What do you go for? What do you need? How do they work? Will my child love the characters or do they just just want to whizz along? These are all the issues we face before buying a toddler a scooter. I have bought and resold 2 scooters before finally settling for the Mini Micro Scooter. If you want to spare yourself the time and expense, read on.

My daughters first scooter was "My First Scooter" by Ozbozz , chosen because of its name, its colour, the fact that it was foldable, and also because I thought it would be suitable for her. Its main feature is that it grows with the child and you can go from 4 wheels to 3 to eventually 2 when you gain more confidence. Height is also adjustable so I thought this scooter would last. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. My daughter was unable to get the hang of it and would literally fly off as soon as she would pick up some sort of speed. Losing her balance on this scooter was a real issue and turning was impossible for her without falling. The wheels also made a noise on the pavement and this also contributed to her feeling unsafe on it. As a result she would ride it real slow. By real slow I mean at the pace of walking. I don't know whether the problem was my child or the scooter but in all honesty she wasn't getting much fun on it, so out it went.

Wanting to push her to the next level I researched a bit more on scooters and decided to opt for EVO Girls Move N Groove Scooter which seemed to offer similar features to a micro mini scooter without the steep price. Unfortunately, this scooter was short lived too since she didn't take to it. Unless the foot is properly aligned forward, the scooter will take to one side or another. It also made noise on the pavement and looked a lot cheaper in material when compared to a Mini Micro Scooter. I don't think this scooter would have lasted too long especially in wear and tear on the wheels. That said, my daughter could ride this scooter slightly faster then the My First Scooter. However, the rattling and shaking as she picked up speed put her off it.

When I sold the EVO Girls Move N Groove Scooter, I resigned myself to forking out top buck for the Mini Micro Scooter. I hoped and prayed to myself that she would love this one. I shopped around to get her one in yellow which is her favourite colour. Yellow is a limited edition or so I was told but anyway I got my hands on one. The Mini Micro Scooter is in a league of its own. It is sturdy and made out of high quality materials. The wheels are made of silicone so they are silent on the pavement so there is no rattling going on. Smooth whizzing. My daughter was in love. She felt safe on this scooter and was picking up speed on it. Her calculations were accurate though and she wasn't toppling or falling. This was by far the easiest scooter to ride and keep her balance on. No wonder it won Toy of the Year award in the UK. Pushing along the child on the scooter is really easy too so when they get tired its easy for them to take a break without interrupting the journey. Perfect for school runs. Ever since purchasing this scooter, I have started to notice the sheer quantity of these scooters on the streets and in parks. If you are looking for something more unique, then this is not for you.

As much as I wished to think that all scooters are the same and money doesn't make a difference, it does and I seriously think that the Mini Micro Scooter is worth every penny spent!

My First Scooter
Inexpensive, foldable, adapable wheels.
Hard to ride, noisy.
EVO Move and Groove
Mini Micro Scooter
Steady, durable, silent ride.
Expensive, doesn't fold.
5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Mini Micro Scooter

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