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Minnesota Sewing Project: Motorcycle Head Wrap for Hot Weather Riding

Updated on June 17, 2017

Motorcycle Head Wrap

When I ride motorcycle, I need a wrap for my hair. I rode once with my hair flowing in the breeze, and had a real hard time combing through it. My hair, fine as it is, gets snarls in it very easily.

I have a learned a few new knots just having my hair. Smile.

Actually, my ideal head wrap I thought, would be like a bathing cap with a wig glued on to it. You know; so I could look all wind blown and sexy, but not sacrifice comfort and convenience for someone else's pleasure. Smile.

Shower Cap

I went to the Dollar Store and found a few shower caps that were wild colors. They were basically a round circle with elastic pulling the round into a puckered hat.

The last ride we were on, there was a drawing, and I got a bandanna or handkerchief that was black with white lettering on it. The shower cap, was black and had zebra striping.

I was already wearing a different bandanna over the shower cap. Usually, I end up with a sunburned part on my head. The weather, the day of the ride, was extremely hot and windy. Almost 100 degrees Fahreheit. I had my bandanna over the shower cap and tied to my hair in the back. My hair is longer and I have a hairband for my pony tail. Also, I have a leather, snapped hair holder to keep the longer strips of hair confined.

Sewing Project

After I won the black bandanna, I decided to sew it to the shower cap. Since there is elastic around the entire cap, I found the spot where the ends of the elastic were connected together, and called that the back.

Opposite the back, I called the spot the front. Then, I folded the bandanna corner to corner and found the middle of the triangle by folding the two unfolded corners together. Then, I matched front of the bandanna to the front of the bathing cap and placed my first couple stitches in both to secure them together.

Ease to Fit

The elastic needed to remain elastic, so as I sewed the handkerchief to the shower cap, I pulled the elastic so that when I sewed it to the handkerchief, the elastic would still function. They call it 'easing to fit', basic seventh grade home economics class stuff.

I only had so much space, from the front of the shower cap, to the merged back section and I didn't want the handkerchief to go all the way to the back, since I wanted tails to tie together at the back.


Sew from front to last third of side, then, sew from front to last third of other side

Then, the two loose corner pieces, I tacked to the spot on the shower cap where the two ends of elastic came together.

Now, it's sewn to the shower cap, it's got two loose flaps for tying around my pony tail, and the top is secured to the front and back.

I'm now ready to put my wrap on and ride my motorcycle!


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    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      16 months ago from Minnesota

      Thanks, Larry Rankin

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      16 months ago from Oklahoma

      Great idea!


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