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Mobile Mount/ Phone Holder: A Parent's Must Have

Updated on December 2, 2016


Wondering what device can bring your multitasking skill into another level without compromising any safety measure? This article will tell you exactly what device that is and what you need to know about it. Cell Phones are part of our necessities nowadays (let's admit it). And as parents, we love this device because it is portable, easy to set up, keeps us updated, and more importantly help us communicate wherever and whenever (especially when we are not around our kids).

There are too many uses of cell phone to indicate in this article one by one, one major problem though is- it can be a source of accidents specifically when driving. According to The National Security Council, each year there are 1.6 million crashes caused by use of cell phone while driving. I'm sure many of that came simply from trying to reach a cell phone somewhere in the car or texting back to a very urgent message while one hand is on the steering wheel. And as much as the right thing to do is to find a safe spot on the side of the road real quick to call or text back someone, many opt not to (for some personal reasons maybe).

Luckily, we have these manufacturers and innovators who work hard to give us another option in making sure that we meet a productive use of our time without compromising our safety especially while in control of the car. Now we can enjoy the use of our cell phones with this ingenious equipment known as a mobile mount.

Reach your destinations safely.
Reach your destinations safely.

What is a Mobile Mount?

A device, usually complete with GPS stand and a mobile cradle/ phone holder, used to securely lock phone in a fixed position. It gives the ease of using a mobile phone hands free or if you need to do something else. It is mostly used in cars as a car mount or a car phone holder but it can also be used for bicycles and motorcycles even in different places in your house (I know a parent who placed a mobile mount on her kitchen counter top as a mobile cradle just for the benefit of it).

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Mount

Speaking of benefits, What are the benefits of a mobile mount to dear parents like us?

Promotes a Hassle Free driving experience

Anything hassle free is in demand for us parents. Good thing a car mount provides that sort of condition since it gives us freedom to concentrate on the road while on the phone, keeping us away from any potential accidents caused by any distractions. So instead of asking your kid to get that call for you, why not consider getting a holder instead?

Easy Installation

Speaking of hassle free, don't we parents hate it when we have to go over a complicated instruction over and over again? There's just too many risks given in a time's notice that we cannot afford. Fortunately, there are car mount phone holder products that are easy to install and adjust without a need of confusing manuals.

Do multiple things at a time with a mobile mount.
Do multiple things at a time with a mobile mount.

Ensures Safe yet Fun Family Vibe During Road Trips

Beating the boredom on a long road trip with fun music is made accessible by this accessory since it allows the driver to change the song or station whether connected to an FM station or Bluetooth with just a fingertip away (focusing on the road instead of the phone). And what can be a nicer way to pass the time when in traffic than watching your family's favorite show via cell phone or tab positioned on the dashboard to give both people in the back and rear seats a better view of the screen. The way I see it, this device actually help any parent ace a family road trip, all safe and fun!

Serves as a GPS stand

Nowadays, more and more parents are using the Global Positioning Sytem technology as an added safety method for the kids. Although most of us use GPS for mapping services when on an expedition to and from any destination, we can also take advantage of it as a tracking device to our kids whereabouts. We so often use our cell phones as receiver of GPS or other mapping assistance and a car mount comes in handy in this kind of situation simply because it can also serve as a GPS stand. We can mount our cell phone to a similar positioning on the dashboard just like a built- in GPS system.

UniqueX presents a car mount phone holder product with features like LONG ARM Car Mount that offer telescopic arm which extends up to two additional inches to provide you with even more viewing options; and a 360 degree rotating bracket for a more adjustable and desired positioning.

Can either be Universal or Specific

Depending on your choice, mobile cradles can be categorized into Two: Universal-has adjustments that cater to other gadgets aside from cell phones or Specific -cater to a single type of gadget like a cellphone or group of cell phones with same dimensions. So if you have many gadgets that you want to use during travel, you can purchase a Universal type of car mount or vice versa. Either way it can still help you multi-task in a safer approach. There are various kinds of mobile mount available in the market. In fact, there are plenty of best deals and bargain that you can find online. Bottom line is, nothing really compares when it comes to your family or your own safety and benefit. I hope this article help you in making up that choice.


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