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Mobile Video Surveillance; Linking Your Vehicle to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Updated on January 22, 2013

The fundamental technology behind mobile video surveillance needs to be a recording device, with networking capabilities that can transmit data in formats shared by mobile phones, tablets and other popular mobile devices on the market. Referred to in the industry as, network video recorders, these devices with their own static IP addresses need to accomplish tasks such as traversing firewalls to get their data to the receiving mobile devices in a less complicated way. Normally tasks such as these can become overly complicated, discouraging customers from using them.

The 2010 and 2011 winners of the Mobility awards for mobile surveillance Smartvue has made it possible to remotely control and monitor their video surveillance equipment from your Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Xoom or Playbook.

With today's ease of access we have come to expect all of our communication technology to run together seamlessly. Getting video to work across such a wide array of applications however, is not an easy task. Making this technology work meant after giving the mobile video surveillance device its own IP address, getting the data out of the recording device. The mobile device accessing this data obviously has to be connected to the internet via cellular connection or Wi-Fi connection or through whatever other means of internet access. Then the mobile device needs a way to connect with the network video recorder and receive all of that data. This can be done through a direct connection with the recorder, through a cloud service or through a number of different ways. Once the mobile device receives the data from the network video recorder it must be able to somehow display the data.

Now, all of these different types of internet connections receive data at different speeds and this just doesn't work with streaming high definition video data. Streaming high definition video through a high speed Wi-Fi connection is fine, but a 3G cellular connection just isn't fast enough for this. .


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