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Modifying your P7100 Injection Pump At Home Project

Updated on January 4, 2010
p7100 pump
p7100 pump

 This mechanical inline injection pump is easy to modify to produce major power gains.  Make sure install a pyrometer and gauge before you modify your fuel system so you can monitor your EGTS, as they will rise significantly.  Also you will need a strong fuel supply pump that never drops below 50psi. Another good i dea is to install some larger injectors or get your nozzles extrude honed so fuel restriction will be at minimum.  Ok now to modifiy the p pump by removing the fuel plate so you will have the full fuel rate.  The fuel plate is known as the full load throttle stop.  First you have to remove the afc housing.  You will notice that it has 4 mounting bolts and one of the bolts is a factory break off head.  To remove that bolt you can use a sharp chisel, and try to hit it on the corner of the remianing head turning it counterclockwise till it is loose enough to remove by hand.  Remember when your going back together to replace that bolt.  With the AFC housing removed you can now see the fuel plate.  Remove the fuel plate and keep so you can return it to stock if you need.  Now you will have full governed fuel travel supplying mor fuel to your injectors, which in turn will increase EGT so take it easy 1350 egt is too high. Now that you have removed the fuel plate you will want to adjust the star wheel in the afc housing.  Remove the large plug on top the afc housing.  8 mm allen wrench does the trick.   Take care not to lose the sealing washer under the plug. The star wheel changes the quickness of fueling response to boost.  If acceleration is weak with minimal smoke, rotate top of the star wheel toward the engine a few revolutions. If vehicle has heavy black smoke on initial acceleration, rotate top of star wheel away from engine a few revolutions. Reinstall large plug with sealing washer and test drive vehicle, it might take a couple adjustments to get desired results.  Now you have done a simple and free power mod, hope you had fun.


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      Jhay 7 years ago

      great amazing info