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Monte Carlo :Telling the years apart

Updated on June 19, 2010


Here is more info on how to ID your Monte Carlo

1981-dual side-by-side headlamps-Computer Command added

Packages: Landau,Sport Coupe

Engine: 229,231 turbo, 231,267,305


1982-hard to tell from 1981

Packages:Sport Coupe

Engine: 229,231,262 diesel,267,305,350 diesel

Transmissions: TH-200C,TH-250C,TH-350C

1983- no bucket seats

bench seat was blue w/white only (SS)

Engine: 229,231,262 diesel,305,305HO,350 diesel

Packages: Sport Coupe,Sport Coupe SS (back again!)

Transmissions: TH-200C,TH-250C,TH-350C

1984-bucket seats were blue only

beach seat was blue w/white only(SS)

SS now had a"sport" steering wheel,while 1983 SS had standard steering wheel

Packages:Sport Coupe,Sports Coupe SS

Engine: 229,231,305,305HO,350 diesel

Transmissions: TH-200C,TH-250C,TH-350C,TH-200-4R(only 3 made)

1985-new pinstripe design package

Packages: Sport Coupe,Sports Coupe SS


Transmissions: TH-200-4R,TH-200C

1986-3rd brake light add

oval type side mirrors changed to"aero" type mirrors

aluminum wheels added to SS(15")

LS now sported single composite headlamps

Packages:Sport Coupe,Sport Coupe SS,Sport Coupe LS,Aero Coupe SS


Transmission: TH-200-4R,TH-200C

1987-new pinstripe design package

midyear change,"lay-down"spoiler added sometime in June

Package: Sport Coupe SS,Sport Coupe LS,Aero Coupe SS

Engine: 231,262,305,305HO


1988-all 1988 Monte Carlos were actually assembled in 1987

1988 was the last year for Monte Carlos for 6 year,the last Monte Carlo of this era built Dec 11th 1987 at 5:29 pm

Packages: Sport Coupe SS,Sport Coupe LS

Engine: 262,305,305TH

Transmissions: TH-200-4R

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