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Moped helmets. Types and tips for choosing the right one

Updated on January 22, 2011

In this article you are going to find some really important informations related to moped helmets.

Helmet is an essential part of every motorcycle rider accessory. In the case of accident, helmet could save your life (statistics showed that helmet is extremely effective as a protection against head and neck injuries!). There are some safety standards that every helmet manufacturer must fulfill, but just in case, maybe it’s the best to purchase a helmet made by some well known manufacturer.

What types of helmets can you find on the market?

There are various colors, sizes and designs of moped helmets. Some of them cover entire face, some of them are open face helmets and there are kid’s helmets (if you want to ride a kid on the moped motorcycle, make sure that law permits that action).

What type best suits for you?

If you don’t like a fast ride and enjoy riding a bit slower, then an open face moped helmet is the best solution for you. Driving faster with an open face helmet, would make your mouth and eyes full of bugs and dust and you don’t want that, right? Closed face moped helmet are very good for those of you who like faster ride. With this kind of helmet, your face will be protected of wind, dust and bugs, and in the case of accident you will be well protected against head or neck injury. There is a solution for those of you who want wind, bugs and dust protection but don’t want covered face. It’s the helmet with a visor. Helmet with a visor is maybe the most popular type.

Some things you should remember about moped helmets…

The helmet should fit you. Too big or too small helmet won’t give you full protection. Try to find the best fitting helmet possible. This rule is especially important for children. Helmet is a part of gear that could save your life, so don’t pick it by the color or design, but by the type of ride you like.

Enjoy your ride, and remember: Safety first!


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