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More to Safety Than Just a Motorcycle Helmet

Updated on November 27, 2009
Enjoy a lifelong ride.
Enjoy a lifelong ride.
Avoid this.  Be alert and aware.
Avoid this. Be alert and aware.

Motorcyclists have the ability to reduce their risks of injury or death when riding a motorcycle. Be a positive influence to your passion, a responsible safety conscious rider and take it seriously by making a few smart choices. Live in the moment and have a lifelong ride.


Driver training is important for you to gain the necessary skills to stay safe on our increasingly busy roads. Even the most experienced rider has taken advantage of staying on top of his skills through training courses. Use common sense and ride according to your own level of skill and expertise. Knowledge is power. Know the roads, know your bike and know your skills. Check with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for courses in your area.

Be Aware

Both motorcycle riders and motor vehicle drivers need to do their part in being alert and aware of their surroundings in order to keep our roads safe. Be aware that some car and truck drivers unintentionally do not acknowledge the motorcycle on the roads and are not attentively checking at intersections or blind spots enough. Motorcycle riders have to be extra vigilant, extra visible and extra aware.

Slow Down

Speed kills. When riding at an excessively high rate of speed even your motorcycle helmet may not save you given the increased chances of receiving mortal injuries such as broken necks, back and internal damage. Reaction time is reduced and impact is greater with speed. Also, take into consideration the road conditions. It is harder to stop quickly when the road is wet. Speed does not equal freedom; it can end your freedom. Use common sense and enjoy many rides to come.

Don't Drink and Drive

Even though this should be a no brainer, alcohol is still a factor in many accidents. A motorcycle rider is at high risk for being involved in an accident and therefore must remain alert at all times. It is impossible to be fully alert and aware of your surroundings while under the influence. Appreciate the opportunity you have to experience the ride and if that is your passion; that should be your high.

Wear Your Helmet

Accidents happen by accident, they are not planned and can occur at any time with little or no warning. You may not get a second chance to realize the mistake of not wearing a helmet if your head bounces off the pavement. Any helmet is better than none but a full face as the name implies protects your chin, neck, face as well as your head. Make sure your helmet is DOT and/or Snell approved. All motorcycle helmets being sold for use on public streets must be DOT approved meaning they meet the minimum safety standards (FMVSS 218) set by the Department of Transportation. A Snell approved motorcycle helmet has undergone more rigid testing by the Snell Memorial Foundation, a private not-for-profit organization that sets higher voluntary safety standards. No matter what the motorcycle helmet law is, use your head and protect it.

Make the right choices, be mature, be aware and increase your skills with training. Respect the road, respect the risk and respect the ride.

You may want to balance this passion with another relaxing sport and keep the adventures going.

Group Riding


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    • michyoung profile image

      michyoung 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      Great hub! Good job! Safety while on the road should be kept in mind. You can never return a life lost.

    • PA Injury Lawyers profile image

      PA Injury Lawyers 6 years ago from Scranton Pennsylvania

      Good tips and a great video.

      Tips for group riding are often overlooked, but a lot of accidents could be prevented if people followed this tips more closely.

    • uliveulearn profile image

      uliveulearn 8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks sandra and fastfreta. It is nice to have encouraging feedback on my first hub.

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Great advice, unless you're an aficionado on motorcycles, your research is excellent. The video is also a nice touch. I look forward to reading more.

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 8 years ago

      Great job on your first hub! I knew about DOT but never heard of SNELL before, good info.